PSVR Superhero Game Megaton Rainfall is Littered With Nazi Swastikas

German gamers may be in possession of contraband with today’s release of the new PSVR superhero game Megaton Rainfall. Why? Nazi stuff!

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Apocalypse Shadow57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

That's pretty interesting. Hopefully the developer isn't affiliated with anything or was looking for a "megaton rainfall" of money to put towards any hate groups.

I bought the game and early impressions say that the game is good. So I hope this is sorted out.

big_dom_strikes_back56d ago

"this writer was flying around being a super dude and all that, when the mark of evil – or a suspiciously similar shape – presented itself "

This writer is clearly a bit dense and uneducated to the true origins of this so called "mark of evil", but thats typical of clueless plebs these days that write stuff for blogs and whatnot.
That "mark of evil" is actually a Buddhist or Hindu symbol that literally represents “good fortune” and “well-being." that was stolen by the Nazi regime and twisted to something else. It wasn't designed by them. Then again, I'm sure you already knew that. Right, Chris?

chrish199056d ago

I did know this, actually, but for the majority it is known as being the sign of the Third Reich. Its something called "context", though that may be unfamiliar to "clueless plebs"

81BX56d ago

Damn! Chris with the burn!!!!🔥

yeahokwhatever56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Most people know that. You think you're the first person with the internet? What the hell? Just because you learned something today doesn't mean the rest of us had no idea. haha oh boy. Ancient Hindu symbolism isn't very relevant to the point being made in the article, to German law of which this game might be in violation of, or to the vast majority of westerners who will be playing this game. shhhhhh

Phoenix7656d ago

A procedurally generated world game. So each time you play it's set up completely differently.
What was that old saying about running a mathematical equation over n over again and eventually something interesting will happen. Well...... Lol 😂

TheOttomatic9156d ago

Uh okay so hows the gameplay.