Why aren’t there more “Mature” games for Nintendo Switch?

If Nintendo really wants to encourage more M-rated games on the Switch, one good way to make it happen would be for Nintendo to make those games itself.

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PhoenixUp419d ago

Are we still under the assumption that a game has to be rated M to be "mature?"

Literally that's the case, but there are various games without that rating that reach vast amounts of maturity.

wonderfulmonkeyman419d ago

Agreed. I could list various Tales games that hit some pretty mature, if not outright deep, notes in their stories, for instance, and most of those are rated T or lower.

Judging by labels or surface content is the one sure-fire way to misjudge a game.
As does not giving a console's full library a twice-over to see what they might have missed.
Even the Wii had games like Madworld, which was definitely not a family-friendly title.

davand114418d ago

A game like To The Moon is more mature than any mature rated game out there. I think the obsession with mature rated games really shows the immaturity of gamers.

DJK1NG_Gaming419d ago

Why can't you just enjoy the games it has?
Why does everything HAS to be RATED M.
Are you that sick in the head to enjoy something creative and fun?

Summons75418d ago

Same reason every movie and TV show needs to be dark, gritty, and have mute colors. People think it's edgy and cool when really it takes more away than it does add and it's dry and boring because it's been done to death. Give me something artistically creative and work "mature" themes into the narrative. Just because there are blood and buts everywhere doesn't mean it can't be mature. Doom is less than a month away and I'm sure because it's a Nintendo console we will get dozens of articles complaining about how Doom is inappropriate for the console like how Manhunt 2 and Mad World got pulled from shelves on the Wii because of how "Mature" they were.

The simple answer is Nintendo can do good in haters eyes. Haters complain something is missing, Nintendo provides, haters refuse to buy then complain that something is missing. Look at Fatal Frame 5, people begged and begged for it to be released in the west. It was and then sold terribly. People beg for more Metroid but Metroid never gets the best sales numbers and Nintendo then takes years to make another one and the people who didn't buy it ask why it never gets made sooner. Expecting a new Star Fox after the abysmal sales of Star Fox Zero? We will probably be lucky to hear the name again outside of Smash. What a new Kid Icarus? Didn't sell well hence why there isn't a sequel. COD fans complaining about no Switch release...they wouldn't even think about buying it on Switch to begin with because they are used to playing it with their friends on other systems.

Cyro418d ago

cause I'm an adult and playing rated M games proves how mature I am. /s

Neonridr418d ago

because the console is 7 months old? Give it some time.. plenty are coming

GrimDragon418d ago

Because it's a family/kid friendly console.

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The story is too old to be commented.