Resident Evil 7 Sales Soar Pass 4 Million Prior to Gold Edition

Prior to the launch of the upcoming Gold Edition, Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 7 sales have passed 4 million.

The top 6 selling games in the franchise can be found below:

Resident Evil 5 – 9.5 million
Resident Evil 6 – 8 million
Resident Evil 4 – 5.9 million
Resident Evil – 5.08 million
Resident Evil 2 – 4.96 million
Resident Evil 7 – 4+ million

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Automatic79425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Congratulations Capcom, love Resident Evil 7.

giyopilam424d ago

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HarryCeramics424d ago

I really like how unrelated these ads always seem to be - By now i would of thought they've gotten smarter

roadkillers424d ago

Well that's why they didn't want to go back to horror, the least selling Resident Evil of all-time.

nowitzki2004424d ago

But one of the most loved in a long time.

roadkillers422d ago

Yeah it was a fantastic game in terms of enemies. The last 2 hours when you leave *SPOILERS* the Baker house and get on that ship was the low-point. The Bakers made this game.

moegooner88424d ago

Pretty much shows that the vocal internet communities don't always reflect the interests of mainstream audiences. Funny thing is at Capcom actually projected RE6 to sell 7 million copies during launch year. Always overconfident.

DanteVFenris666424d ago

That’s kinda sad the worst in the series sold the most

Shadowsteal424d ago

The worst in the series was by far RE6.

EatCrow424d ago

Hard to tell which was the worst between 5 and 6.
At least for me theyre both equally bad.

Mikefizzled424d ago

Can we get over ourselves? 5 and 6 were both good games. They may not have been the horror games that people wanted but it doesn't make them any less good.

andrewsquall424d ago

Which in turn damaged RE7's sales. I know I didn't touch it but I will definitely be picking up the complete edition when its out.

nowitzki2004422d ago

I wouldn't know, RE5 was so disappointing im one of the 1.5 mil not to buy 6.

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Movefasta1993424d ago

I can't be the only one that loved 5?I couldn't even finish the demo for res 6.

Silly gameAr424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

RE6 is the worst in the series imo. Still kind of enjoyed it though.

-Foxtrot424d ago

Evil Within 2 is better....

nowitzki2004424d ago

No its not. Evil within 2 is too easy and its not even scary imo. Evil Within 1 was way better than 2

-Foxtrot424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

Evil Within 2 is actually a good blend of a survival horror experience and action. It has more then just three enemy types, the bosses are great, crafting, exploration, atmosphere, back tracking in most places, side missions, games longer, I could go on.

It's what Resident Evil should have evolved into after RE4, a more open survival horror game....kind of like what Kojima was probably going to do with Silent Hills. A big town to explore at your own pace.

EatCrow424d ago


But cant say for myself. Still need to try it out.

VsAssassin424d ago

I can't wait to buy all the DLCs (at a discount!) and play the free content Not a Hero. Congrats Capcom for the solid sales figures.

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