Gran Turismo boss says he removed GT Mode as gamers are losing automotive know-how

The creator of one of the world’s most successful racing video game franchises has revealed that he changed the way players can customise cars because gamers today have less mechanical knowledge than they did 20 years ago, when the first Gran Turismo game was launched.

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-Foxtrot155d ago

"But the new users don’t have that knowledge”

Customization is always nice. Wouldn't the job during development be to make a mode which taught players that knowledge.

freshslicepizza155d ago

Is it me or is he suggesting the new generation are not as hardcore? The old games also never required you to be online to save your progress.

Apocalypse Shadow155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

They're not. Most have a hard time playing Souls games or complain about the difficulty of Cup Head. Games that we found hard but we pushed through in the past from contra, castlevania, ninja gaiden, mega man, double dragon,gunstar heroes, raiden,gradius, etc, they find impossible without hand holding, multiple saves and regenerative health.

Yes, most casual gamers are playing Madden, cod, etc. Or getting rewind functions, widened roads and weaker A.I. in the competitor's racing game. But love painting their cars artistically that have nothing to do with competitive racing. Or believe that a loud car means it's faster.

I still would have left in the other stuff for motor heads looking for it though. But Kaz will find out if his new direction is accepted or rejected soon enough.

RommyReigns155d ago

Seeing the reaction to the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy remaster/remake is enough to explain how 'not as hardcore' the new generation is today.

81BX155d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow
Don't be upset my dude. He's just saying you can't handle it.

bouzebbal155d ago

change in the name but the content is still there.

WeAreLegion155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Not true at all, Rommy.

The team screwed up the jumping physics and level geometry. The new Crash games are significantly harder than the originals because of this. I played them side by side.

If kids these days hated difficulty, the Souls games wouldn't be insanely popular.

Y'all are so out of touch.

LegoIsAwesome155d ago


Ohhh sh*********t moldy at it again guys!! Someone give the guy attention.

Godmars290154d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow:
More like as more of the mainstream consumer base gets in involved with gaming, the more gaming has to be dumb-downed because the mainstream don't understand it. Like adventure games taking on cinematic elements, with actual gaming elements becoming lost in the process, and soon "people" are asking why games can't be little more than movies with skippable game segments.

darthv72154d ago

PD has a long tradition of releasing two GT games per console generation since the PS1. Not only have they broken that tradition by calling this GT:Sport but it looks like it is broken even further by this being the ONLY GT game released for the PS4 generation. a real GT:7 will likely come out for the PS5.

As a long time GT fan, I am rather disappointed with the end result when you see how much time was put in. I will still get the game though as I do enjoy the GT games.

bow2yoda154d ago

what he is saying is that the new generation wants everything done for them with a tablet or a phone. beyond that, the generation is the lazyest (in my opinion, not meant as an insult) in pretty much human history. i mean heck, when peoples cars break, most people elect to buy a new one so they dont have to "deal" with any issues. that means they go and buy a new or almost new car for ~$15000 when a repair would only cost them $150. i used to be a mechanic and a shop manager for about a decade. Heck the new generation throws money blindly at games before they are released and cannot figure out why the game sucked!!!
sorry for the rant but its sad that a great game gets nerfed because people dont want to learn.

rainslacker154d ago

No, just not as knowlegdeable. Granted, I don't think most people fussed with the finer points of things like tire weight or spoiler angles, so removing them for the ignorant only really affects those who likes those features.

The rest of the nodding stuff was pretty easy to understand. Like turbo would make your car faster. The more expensive the better. See no reason for that to be removed if it was. Although I can see a problem with the mp focus making races uneven

Edito154d ago

Are you really asking that? You are talking about a generation that buy a game don't do the campaign just go online, they use Micro transactions to buy goodies instead of earning the hard way... of course the new generation is as hardcore as the old ones...

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CorndogBurglar155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

The ridiculous part of this is that almost all racing games, including Gran Turismo games of the past, give short descriptions of what affect each customization option has on your car.

So this is kind of a dumb excuse because no one ever needed to have much mechanical know-how to customize their cars in these games. It was always kond of spelled out for you.

FITSniper155d ago

Perhaps for things like camshafts and what not. But changing stuff like downforce and camber was not. You had to know what you were doing.

The_KELRaTH155d ago

Its also worth noting that older racing games that offered lots of customization came with big paper manuals that you would use while testing different settings

rainslacker154d ago


I recall a couple of the NASCAR races in 6 which were next to impossible to win without adjusting some of those things. But that's what Google is for.

RememberThe357154d ago

I learned a ton from playing GT and most of that came from the test track. The small descriptions and trial and error were how I learned how to get the most out of my cars. This dumb down customization is pretty disappointing to me.

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TankCrossing155d ago

I have no automotive know how, and the same was true 20 years ago. The tuning element was there for petrol heads, but the game was still fun for the rest of us.

I don't see much benefit to taking that element away from those people that enjoyed it. Levels the online playing field a bit I suppose?

bloop155d ago

Yes, they could easily have just locked all tuning for competitive online races. I always enjoyed tinkering with all the settings to see what effect they had on the car. And I wouldn't claim to know much about full on tuning, but anything I did actually learn was from doing this tinkering in GT games!!

hellothere1977154d ago

the benefit is that the developers aren't wasting hundreds of man-hours and financial resources on a part of gameplay that they believe is only being utilized by a small section of the player base. this, in turn, allows them to have the programmers focus more time on framerate, resolution, modeling assets, and all the other goodies that most players focus on today. also, trimming unused sections does get games out in a timely matter.

bolimekurac154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

its ok though cause a sony dev did it so its no big deal. its only a issue when for other console games

no matter how stripped the game is excuses will be made defending it

hellothere1977154d ago

in their defense, they probably have access to more information than you do on what the players in general use and don't use. they obviously see the user-ship among gamers low enough to not waste development time and resources on this section of gameplay.

sometimes, they need to trim the fat to get a better product out in an economical manner.

trainsgofast154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Sony Players are maybe too Dumb that's why they think that GT is a Better game than FORZA 7, that's why you can sell them a game that's only 1/2 done, that's why you can SELL THEM A GAME WITH 2D TREES, that's why you can sell them a 1800CB game, that's why you can sell a game like driveclub and they think it's a SIM and not a arcade game, that's why you can sell them a Cost of FIA Gran Turismo digital license at $300 per year, that's why "But the new users don’t have that knowledge” or they are maybe dumb,

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XiNatsuDragnel155d ago

Certainly true but losing mode isn't the answer

giyopilam155d ago

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ProjectVulcan154d ago

GT sport is a Gran Turismo game without a Gran Turismo mode.

For someone who has been a fan since day one, that's nuts

WePlayDirty155d ago

Getting rid of mode for the sake of the casuals is never a good idea. The core gamers will always appreciate it. What needed to be done is make it more streamlined and ‘easy’ for those casuals to pick the game up, since GT Sport is now a racing game for everyone.. my 2 cents.

crazychris4124155d ago

It will be back by the end of the decade in GT7

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-Gespenst-155d ago

Just explain stuff in the game. Easily done.