It’s a PlayStation VR Triple as GT Sport, Megaton Rainfall and No Heroes Allowed! VR Launch Today

Plenty of content to keep you busy as the winter months begin to roll in.

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Apocalypse Shadow399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I bought megaton rainfall. It's only $15.99. I like GT from the demo but I rarely buy games at $60. I can wait. No Heroes looks okay. But not for me at $29.

But cool that 3 VR compatible games or modes hit on the same day. PSVR's game list just keeps growing.

JuJuRMJ397d ago

Do you recommend Megaton? Is it a blast and immersive as it can be? Looks great though

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IamTylerDurden1398d ago

Honestly, PSVR is loaded this fall with Skyrim, Moss, DOOM, Bravo Team, Gun Heart, The Inpatient, Megaton, GT Sport and more. Even games like Sparc, Archangel, and Tiny Trax recently released. There are alot of games hitting the store that i didn't even know aout like Raw Data which is a legit looking fps and The Lost Bear. If u are worried about lack of content for PSVR your fears should evaporate after u look at the upcoming games.

S2Killinit398d ago

Really wanna see how GT works out in VR and a wheel set up