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Wulverblade is a gorgeous 2D beat 'em up that makes great use of the Nintendo Switch and its unique assets, setting the bar high for this genre.  It may be too tough for some, but the wealth of content and outstanding presentation gives players an incredible experience well worth the effort.

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ContraCode395d ago

Wow, this looks awesome. Inspired by Golden Axe, I'm in.

BootHammer395d ago

It's a perfect game for the Switch. Darkwind Media really put in some hard work into Wulverblade. We don't exactly see much in this genre anymore, so it was very refreshing. It's definitely challenging too, I recommend co-op whenever possible!

ContraCode395d ago

I bet local co-op is a blast on this.

NotoriousWhiz395d ago

This game is definitely up there with castle crashers.

395d ago