Middle-earth: Shadow of War: The ultimate guide to siege battles

Siege battles are some of the most challenging aspects of Middle-earth: Shadow of War. This guide will help you better understand the different upgrade options both on offense and defense, and when to use each one to maximum effect.

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meka2611421d ago

Not sure why you need a guide, just kill the opposing captains. And if you want a really easy time, replace the warchiefs with yours and you can walk through the siege.

GameCrateEd421d ago

It gets a lot more challenging than that as the game progresses, especially in Shadow Wars mode. When you're defending, replacing warchiefs isn't an option.

meka2611421d ago

Actually it is, I lost a defense mission, it just has you attack it again. And there is no time limit on defending either so you have plenty of time to replace the captains. You replace them before you defend, they give you all the time you need.

GameCrateEd421d ago

@meka2611 I'm talking specifically about the infiltrating the other side by replacing opposing warchiefs with yours prior to the assault. That's something you can do on offense, but NOT in online siege battles and NOT when you're defending against an invading force.

In Shadow Wars mode you'll be facing multiple captains with levels in the 50s and eventually even 60s, and they all have bodyguards as well. Understanding the systems at play can be very helpful.