Microsoft's Shannon Loftis On The Xbox One X Future, Minecraft Exclusivity, And Scalebound

GI: "Microsoft's general manager of Microsoft’s Global Games Publishing talked to us about exclusives on Xbox, the future of Remedy and Quantum Break, and lots more."

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Septic277d ago

"I think it’s an incredibly strong line-up,"

No its not Shannon....

freshslicepizza276d ago

You're right.

"I think it’s pretty good – there’s a huge amount of experiences for people to have."

That is only when they include multiplat titles but so many (especailly on the forums) concentrate all their efforts on what makes each system different from the other and in this case 2017 has been very lackluster. The other question is will they get PUBG out in time?

Then into 2018 we have Sea of Thieves which I always liked as well as State of Decay 2 but Crackdown 3 is really a letdown unless they can nail the multiplayer. They are releasing games outside fo the holidays so they are learning. But that is still not a lot so far for 2018.

LegoIsAwesome276d ago

Woooo moldy at it again ladies and gentleman. Give the guy a round of applause for trying.

JonTheGod276d ago

Don’t know why this post is getting so many negative votes. This is a reasonable response/comment.

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XiNatsuDragnel277d ago

Why are you lyin ? Why you always lyin?
Seriously said more than once isn't funny.

276d ago
FallenAngel1984276d ago

"The Xbox One never managed to escape its poorly received launch,"

The Xbox One sold better than most other platforms at its launch

FITgamer276d ago

Yeah but it has since fallen behind the 360.

FallenAngel1984275d ago

I'm not talking about the current situation, I'm talking about the launch

FallenAngel1984275d ago

Isn't it obvious? Just look at the internet.

LegoIsAwesome275d ago

Why don't you answer it yourself then?

FallenAngel1984275d ago

Because it's obvious 😑

Idk why you keep repeating the same thing. It doesn't change what I said in my OP.

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274d ago
FallenAngel1984273d ago

If you can't compare it to past generations, then how on earth can you say it sold terribly at launch?

Switch isn't even part of the same generation, Wii U is. And Xbox One had a far more successful launch than Wii U

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hahaha276d ago

Blah, blah, blah.........zzzzzz

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