DriveClub Is An Alternative to Gran Turismo Sport Worth Considering

Push Square: "Gran Turismo Sport launches this week, and it will snatch the PlayStation 4 racing game baton from DriveClub with little resistance. Evolution Studios’ simcade didn’t enjoy the best start to its short life, being driven out of the PS4’s launch window before releasing in a particularly sorry state. But the British developer – since shuttered and handed over to Codemasters – performed a miraculous U-turn to get the title up to scratch, and it represents a pretty strong alternative if you’re not interested in Polyphony Digital’s latest."

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crazyCoconuts95d ago

If you have a large 4k screen and a Pro, you may be disappointed. I tried Driveclub after GTS and was surprised how spoiled I've gotten with the enhanced graphics. Probably not a big deal if you have a1080p TV.

C-H-E-F94d ago

I was about to say, DC is a great game if you're not running the 4k/hdr/pro. Going to that from GTS you realize wtf how is it possible that GTS looks so good. You don't notice the difference in graphics until you jump back in time. However, DC is still a wonder, fantastic looking game, I will say it is the 2nd best racer on the market. And being a PS Exclusive that's really good for Sony.

FITgamer94d ago

Visuals aside, I don't see DC as good alternative, unless you prefer a more casual arcade experience. I enjoyed DC enough that I invested the time to get the Platinum trophy, but there is no way I'd ever choose it over GT Sport. The racing experience is so much more refined in GT Sport. Despite not having a traditional campaign it's my favorite GT game in the series so far.

wadej94d ago

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KickSpinFilter94d ago

Na Driveclub still delivers on a 4K TV with a pro, the game is just outstanding, still favorite over GTS and Forza.
The sensation of speed is just unmatched.

crazyCoconuts94d ago

I agree the camera shake captures the insanity of high speed nicely in Driveclub. Don't know if it's realistic per se since I've never driven that fast. But the cars up ahead look so blurry now compared to GTS on a Pro

RommyReigns94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

And you can easily get DriveClub for less than £5 nowadays, the online servers are still alive and kicking, and the game has an easy but very grindy Platinum trophy (likely why the Platinum obtained rarity percentage still sits at just 0.5% on PSN).

XStation4pio_Pro94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

LOL. DC is an arcade racer and completely limited in just about everything GTS isn’t - canned physics, no tuning, no customizing, no modifying, no livery editor... not even one real world track. . That’s like saying Call of Duty a good alternative RPG and RBI Baseball an alternative to MLB The Show.

Also DC has no PS4 Pro support, doesn’t support steering wheels properly and is capped at 30 fps. It has more in common with the likes of project Gotham racing, NFS and all those.

So no. It isn’t. Not even close.

steveo12345694d ago

Hey don't knock project gotham, that's a different league to any nfs

crazyCoconuts94d ago

Have you tried a force feedback wheel on GTS? It's phenomenal imo. Driveclub and Forza7 (PC) have a completely different kinda jerky/sloppy feel with the wheel. Maybe can be fixed with settings...

94d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.