Lawbreakers Reveals Their Biggest Loot Drop Yet

Looks like they are not going down without a fight as Lawbreakers has revealed a long list of new updates and features as they try to breathe life into their game.

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GamesMaster1982395d ago

I still would not download and play this game is it were free.

Prince-Ali394d ago

Why not...? :S you just sound like a hater tbh...

GamesMaster1982394d ago

Not a hater Just don't like online Bro Shooters. Hell i only play the campaign in COD'S then sell it. Now give me a coop online game with one other player and a story and I'm in.

Prince-Ali393d ago

i see i see! like Army of two lool... i used to love that game

Fist4achin395d ago

Be careful, the other day loot boxes were equated with gambling in another article. If you do partake, I hope it doesn't involve your baby's shoes.

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obidanshinobi395d ago

I'm sure the ten or so people still playing this must be ecstatic. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.