UK Gov Responds To Loot Boxes Queries Saying Gambling Commission Will Be "Monitoring Developments"

The UK Government just replied to the loot boxes queries, deferring all evaluations to the Gambling Commission which will "keep this matter under review" and "monitor developments in the market".

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ccgr420d ago

Hope that make developers think twice about adding gambling mechanics to their games

TankCrossing419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

The answer only reiterates existing legislation about out-of-game trading. Apparently if you can trade items outside of the game then those items are attributed a monetary value, and a licence from the Gambling Commission is required.

So long as the stuff you are encouraged to spend money on never has any monetary value then it is fair game.

Imo "spending money on items that can never have any value" is a problem in itself, and the gambling commission are not necessarily the correct body to assess or address that.

spartan112g419d ago

Good thing none of the recent micro-transactions are even close to gambling.

XiNatsuDragnel420d ago

Now make developers think twice before gov whoop their butts

Alexious419d ago

I fear that's just a pipe dream.

spartan112g419d ago

At this point, I hope it doesn't just to make you upset.

Big_Game_Hunters419d ago

Getting the government involved. Top tier idea. #brexit

spartan112g419d ago

Yeah, let's get the government involved... sounds like a bunch of crybabies to me. "I don't like something so you'd better change it before I get mad about a game I was never going to buy in the first place."

agent4532418d ago

The UK forced Steam to give refunds for buying games through the steamstore. A couple of months later Valve announces the ability to refund a game. I am glad that the UK government is willing to listen and address videogaming issues. This way it teaches game developers not to screw their customers.

Deviwolf418d ago

How do you see loot boxes being a good thing?

ChrisW418d ago

You may not want to hear this... but you are equally presenting yourself as a crybaby. And not just with this post, but with all of your responses to others.

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opinionated419d ago

UK government responds to online petition of ignorant tools. “Oh yeah, we’re looking into it.” Now you’re gambling with tax dollars and your odds are worse than a loot box.

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