Cuphead, And The Problems With Difficulty In Video Games

Video games are always iterating. As they evolve, developers keep finding new ways to toy with the ideas of "challenge" and "difficulty."

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Timesplitter14362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Sometimes people don't know what's best for them. Mandatory difficulty can have a tremendous contribution to making you feel certain things that you would never experience by playing on easy. These are things that many people would never even get to experience if the difficulty wasn't forced, because they would've avoided it entirely.

There is a belief that difficulty means "inaccessible", and that is complete BS. Difficulty can be part of the goal of the experience. The whole purpose can be to challenge you, regardless of your skill level. Games like Dark Souls are fun specifically because it gives you this sort of feeling of solidarity that you would never have if the game could be played on easy. It feels like "we're all in this together", and it heightens the experience of the game to something truly special that few other games can offer

Imagine if they built an elevator that went straight to the top of Mt Everest, with a little souvenir shop and all that. It doesn't matter that you still have the option climb the mountain normally. It would ruin the experience completely for real climbers. Games must not be ruined like that

zerocarnage362d ago

Way to many gamers these days moan over difficult games, why??? Because those players do not know the games of old really. The day of Atari where games could be completed but got faster or added just more crap to deal with. The games on arcades of putting a coin in and trying to get through the game or as far as you could without dieing and without putting more coin in. The nes,snes, master system all had games that were difficult also where the games either couldn't be fully done or you only had so many lives. pc games were equally as difficult on Amiga, commadore and spectrum all the games busted there own challenges and like the console equally as irritating if you let them get to you.

Those who played in those generation of games knew difficulty and understood what it was like to fail and fail miserably lol.

LucidIllusion362d ago

Game isn't even challenging. These guys just suck so much tail that they complain about dying on easy. Screw these whimpering bags of crap flesh.

zerocarnage362d ago

Have you even played it because nearly everyone I've spoken to has said it's challenging and the rest say it's dam rite irritatingly difficult.

zerocarnage362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I play elite dangerous, the learning curve can be very long for new comers and most put it down and I always tell everyone it differs for each person. I've recently been playing with a friend and my son, my friend is older than me while my son is a youngling. To be honest who would you think is learning the fastest, you would think my friend rite but it hasn't worked out like that, my son has processed the information quicker and took it in yet he isn't making anywhere near as many mistakes as my friend, yes it's crazy..

I also love those who come on elite has new players, those who go on the net who find the get rich quick missions. I tell them all it is the wrong thing to be doing at the start of the game and dint blame me when your ship goes kaboom. Why do they go kaboom??? Because they have not done all the learning curve, they are making big mistake or small ones that cost them there million pound ships and its there own fault because they tried to bypass what is a very unforgiving and difficult road ahead of them. There are a many number of things that can go wrong and there are so many things that can hit you all at once and elite is more than just hopping in the most expensive ship and saying I own it. One simple press of a wrong button while in a station will see all that time wasted and same goes for bounty hunting if you clip a security vessel and light up the place like a x-ma's tree and they're all onto you. Yes players are bypassing the whole learning phase and as soon as they're hit with the challenges of impending doom all come out and bitch once they're ship is gone and they're back in a sidewinder so they rage quit permanently.

The only way a player can truly learn elite dangerous is by starting in those early ships and moving through them, you not only learn to deal with not making simple mistakes but you know and come to fully respect each ship and learn to be careful no matter what is happening or all your touch work is down the drain.

NotoriousWhiz362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Cuphead, and the problems with difficulty for the Gaming Journalists of today.

But seriously, an abnormally large percentage of game reviewers are awful at games. Watching some of their videos really makes me question if they're qualified to review "difficult" games. They could always stick to reviewing the animal crossing and Pokémon games. No real difficulty in those games. If you can't handle difficult games, then it may just be that the game isn't for you. Not every game is made for everyone and any attempt to cater to everyone will just result in a mediocre experience for all.