Hands-on with Skyrim VR - Do you Even Game Bro?

Skyrim VR transitions surprisingly well on PSVR, but at what cost?

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freshslicepizza399d ago

Adding the Move controllers while keeping the cost down seems to be clunky and underwhelming. It's interesting to see that Sony has not updated it's VR controllers and come out with more options.

thorstein399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

No, it doesn't. You don't even own a PS4.

TheVetOfGaming399d ago

The article actually made it sound a lot better than you'd care to admit. But this is a Sony article, and you do your best to downplay Sony at every turn.

Apart from minor gripes with the controller layout, this is a game that may make me take the leap into virtual reality.

freshslicepizza399d ago

The game runs well and looks well but the most important part, playing it, seems to be questionable with the Move controllers on how well it controls.

G20WLY399d ago

Well if anyone's gonna question it, Moldy, it'll be you.. 😴

tontontam0399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Lol I just realized, every sony article I click in this site, this moldybread is always in the comments.

His xbox one probably sucks so much he would rather bash sony than play games. or he is lurking around hoping to get "new games" announcement from Microsoft and bashes the other systems to kil his boredom.

As for me I have no time looking through articles about xbox. I find it amusing how this moldybread have so many extra time reading articles about a system he probably does not own.

Ron_Danger399d ago

He also claims to not own an xbox but also always praises xbox games...

Enjoy N4G!! Where lonely people consider constant commenting to be an actual social life 😂

Apocalypse Shadow399d ago

He doesn't own either console.

tontontam0399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Then he is not a pc gamer either?

because all my pc gamer friends are so busy with their pc games, they have no time reading gaming news. even without a new game announcement they have tons of backlog games.they drop a comment once in a while like "pc master race, console peasants". but not on every article you can find on this site like moldybread here.

Stogz399d ago

I saw a post of yours recently where you attacked someone for posting in an Xbox thread when they didn't have or care about the system. So what do you have to say to that with your presence here???

Vizigoth04398d ago

I'm not one to usually dwell in the complainy pants department but I would not be upset if the updated or brought on a new move 2.0 controller. Something with the shape of a phaser, and instead of a plastic ball just the same material on the DS4. If they can mimic the layout on the left and right side of the DS4 and fit it all on two move 2.0 controllers I can rock that.

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Valkron1399d ago

I’ve played it on PC with VorpX and Vive. It’s been 6 years! Quit milking this and make a sequel!

Phoenix76399d ago

Moldy do us all and yourself a favour and stop commenting on ps4 articles that you clearly have little interest in other than attempting to troll
On topic : I never got very far into skyrim on the PS3 but this looks and sounds like a definite worthy edition to the psvr platform. Glad to hear that either motion or standard controls can be used. Can't wait for it.

Lilrizky399d ago

I am keen to see if I can play 150 hour game im VR. I used to lose time playing on a TV imagine being shut off from the real world lol

Lilrizky399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I am a big fan of PSVR but I have to somewhat agree with moldy, the biggest thing holding it back is move. not so much the tracking but I would kill to have analogue sticks on them. <3

you don't have to force players to choose controllers as the sticks will allow turning and locomotion, and you can start porting more games (Bioshock VR pleeeeeze)

Ra3v3r399d ago

Aye, I've never understood why they never allowed the analogue attachment to be used with the PSVR or even updated the move controllers as you said.

PSVR is a great bit of kit let down by the occasional tracking issues and the controllers severely limit some of the titles that can be ported to VR. I like how immersive Skyrim looks but by all accounts it's been made easier due to the controls. Teleportation instead of standard movement looks to remove some of the immersion as well.

I'm more interested in the Switch version as it cribs on the VR motion controls which look excellent, it's just I won't be in the world

Lilrizky399d ago

skyrim for psvr does have normal movement if you use a normal ps4 controller

Ra3v3r398d ago


Yeah I know, but it's a shame we have to choose between the two - immersive combat with full motion control or move like normal. RE7s fine with the DS for movement etc, but it's pace lent to the control scheme even if it was a little clunky trying to turn at times (saying that, it did heighten the tension).

Each to their own, but it's disappointing that if you choose to play with the move controllers then your movement ability is hampered. Overall though, it gets us one step closer to a holodeck!

Apocalypse Shadow399d ago

DS in one hand (right or left) for movement, move in the other attacking or using a spell. Easily solved without Sony doing something different that I know is possible.

ibrake4naps399d ago

I'm a big fan of skyrim, psvr, and the dualshock. So I can't wait!

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