Assassin's Creed Origins Super Limited Edition Yeezy sneakers announced by Ubisoft

Neil writes "Why are you telling us about shoes? We're only interested in gaming. Well, when Ubisoft decided to team up with sneaker artist, Dominic Lowman in order to create the Limited Edition Assassin's Creed Origins Yeezy sneakers, that line between gaming and shoes was crossed."

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citeso93d ago

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jagermaster61993d ago


You forgot the o and k in the link I fixed it for you! 🖕🐓

thatguyhayat93d ago

First the headphones now shoes. Next will be couches

Kun_ADR92d ago

And later it will be condom.

Perjoss93d ago

Do you only get the laces as a pre-order bonus?

fenome93d ago

Only if you get lucky with the pre-order exclusive loot box :p

SaveFerris93d ago

What an odd choice for a merchandise tie-in.

fenome93d ago

I'm still holding out for a physical release of the Final Fantasy XV cup of noodles helmet. Lmao