Does the focus on Fancy Graphics Hurt the Background Story?

The longtime argument of "graphics vs. gameplay vs. story" has never been more prevalent. We break down why the issue is still relevant.

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FallenAngel1984400d ago

Of course Cindy would be in the thumbnail

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FallenAngel1984399d ago

But why Cindy's tits and not some other character's tits?

GamesMaster1982400d ago

No great graphics don't ruin a story if you have the right team and dev's making the game. Take The Last Of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn for example, both excellent graphics and excellent story's.

Chaosdreams398d ago

It shouldn't. We've seen wonderful graphics go hand in hand with fantastic storytelling. So when the story suffers, graphics being a scapegoat is tasteless and I shake my head at the notion. A weak story is from a weak implementation (be it in the final product or from the get go in the idea department).

Trekster_Gamer398d ago

No, awesome graphics help the immersion.

TheOttomatic91398d ago

um no it doesn't, where have you been the past couple of years?

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