Halo Recruit review: Is this combat evolved? | finder

"It’s painfully short, unfortunately: perhaps ten waves at best. And like trying to pop balloons with a pellet gun at a carnival ride, none of your targets fight back. They also don’t come in from your flanks or attack you from behind. You don’t even have to engage your brain, thinking about when to reload – its endless clips - or when to swap out your gun to meet the next threat effectively. And criminally, you don’t get to pick up an energy sword and gut something."

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SlappingOysters422d ago

Waste of a launch game opportunity if you ask me. Microsoft need to go so much harder with its key brands.

Kribwalker422d ago

it’s a free tech demo...

SlappingOysters422d ago

But why? Why didn't they go the distance and create more than a tech demo, but a system seller?

AZRoboto421d ago

Because then Xbox fans would be upset they're not getting a Halo game. Who knows, they've been so quiet on what Halo 6 actually is (beyond re-introducing split screen and more focus on the Chief) that the research from this experience could go into it for a launch Xbox VR title/"experience".

But again who knows, because Scorpio was going to have the highest fidelity VR and they walked that one back.

421d ago