Dying Light Enhanced Edition's Latest Update (1.05) Adds Free DLC Content, Details Inside

The first update for Dying Light after a long time adds free new content pack to the game featuring Content Pack 0 and 1.

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theXtReMe1425d ago

Devs... How about a Pro/ X patch. This game deserves the stellar treatment for the more powerful hardware.


Yes please! PS4 Pro support please! Or X1X since I already have the game on X1 lol

Kosic423d ago

Content Drop #0
4 new human enemies
New zombie enemy
New weapon
New player outfit
Content Drop #1
3 new weapons
New player outfits
New buggy paintjobs
Tribute to John Romero
Minor tweaks and fixes

hmm, doesn't sound like amazing content. Be that it's free, I shouldn't really complain though.

Italiano1234567423d ago

No u shouldnt 10 more free dlcs throught out the coming year...This is right there with driveclub on the free stuff..Great job devs

Darkstryder360423d ago

Amazing support for this game. Assume the player base is still very active for them to even consider all this content.

Gman32423d ago

This game really surprise me i didnt think i was gonna like this game i was wrong i would love to see this game get a 4k hdr patch for ps4 pro and xbox one x