Windows 10 Fall Creators Update introduces two new anti-cheat tools

Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators update will introduce two new anti-cheat tools. These tools/technologies are: Game Monitor and TruePlay.

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Asuka423d ago

Just fix the game stuttering

Sonic_Vs_Mario423d ago

What stuttering? NVidia has released a patch to fix the issues

Asuka423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

It isnt a Nvidia thing. The creators update has caused some people to experience ingame stuttering regardless what driver you are using. Its a windows update issue. A fix is coming with the fall update... hopefully haha

Ashlen423d ago

This problem also effects AMD systems. And Microsoft admitted there was a problem.

Gwiz423d ago

Yeah I can't use afterburner with rivatuner anymore,and that happened after they added the creators update which is useless to me to begin with.DOUBLE WHAMMY

Many-hat5423d ago

Windows 10 and anti-cheat tools. How wonderfully ironic. What I adore about win10 is how updates reset all your privacy setting! Not that they actually do anything to begin with. They just give the illusion of privacy. The emperors new clothes of privacy, if you like. As for Cortana.. What? wait... No, no, nothing Cortana!... Got to go now, she's listening.

Razzer423d ago

I don’t see an issue. These tools are available for Win10 games only. And more than likely it is up to the developer to implement them. Anti-cheating tools are nothing new. Steam has them as well.

Ashlen423d ago

As I understand it steam guard only scans the data/memory from the program that you are using. This actually scans what programs you are running and sends that information to Microsoft. So you could be running a blacklisted program totally separately from the game and get flagged.

maybelovehate423d ago

Any filtering system will do both. It will check an existing list of applications and if it finds an unknown application it will most likely send the signature to the vender to check it unless the app has a feature to turn that off.

Lon3wolf423d ago

"So you could be running a blacklisted program totally separately from the game and get flagged."

Why would you be doing that?

Ashlen423d ago (Edited 423d ago )


That's not true, they only should need to at most scan the memory of the game you are playing, sending what programs you have open is crossing the line, and Microsoft is more than likely using this more for data mining to see what programs people are using than actual cheating prevention.


Many macro programs might get blacklisted but there are plenty of legitimate uses for them.

I once had to fill out forms in which I had a few answers that I repeatedly used so I set macros on to my function keys on my keyboard to type the response with one key press instead of having to type the full responses over and over.

Just one example.

rainslacker422d ago

And it's MS responsibility to flag a user? Isn't that beyond their purview as a provider of an open OS?

Who is MS to decide what is proper and not, and what programs a person is allowed to run on their system? That TOS that everyone agrees to and doesn't read of course, but if MS decided to say, "nope, can't do that" for any program I run on the system, then screw that.

I write tons of programs, and I can say that several show up as viruses to my virus scanner because of how they handle memory or interacting with the system. They aren't viruses, just some things I write. Who's to say that one of those programs doesn't flag a false positive for their cheat tech...or the fact that I write game programming tools and often have things running on my computer which would potentially show up as somehow affecting a game, and I may be running them in the back ground.

Sure, it may be a minimal case in the grand scheme of things, but these cheat programs just being on a blacklist is nowhere near effective enough, because these cheat programs get updated much quicker than they get recognized by these types of programs which scan for them, and ultimately, because worthless.

I 100% understand the need for many games to control cheaters, at least in MP games, but sending along information to MS is not the answer, nor would I want MS to have dominion on restricting content should I happen to be one of those people.

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Gwiz423d ago

Maybe an idea to first fix game mode lol.This OS is a joke so far.

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