Mass Effect Andromeda is Now Available on EA Access

Mass Effect Andromeda has now joined the EA Access vault as a title that's free for those that subscribe to the EA service on Xbox One consoles.

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Kribwalker364d ago

nice, just in time for the onex release. hopefully there’s still a onex update for it

skycaptin5364d ago

That would be awesome, but sadly I don't see it happening as work on the game has ceased.

UltraNova364d ago

MS could pay for outsourcing the develpoment of the xbox1x update. Even then its simple ps4 pro update copy/paste job with the extra bells nd witsles.

bolimekurac364d ago

eaacces is awesome, 29 bucks gets you more then your moneys worth

conanlifts364d ago

It is and we know that by this time next year battlefront 2 will likely be added too.

PlayableGamez-364d ago

As a Mass Effect fan, I made a great decision not to buy this game for 60 dollars.
Was going to wait for a 20 dollar sale, but than I realize that it was going to eventually end up on EA/Origin Access and 6 months later, here we are.
So times it pays to wait to play games.

Razzer363d ago

Nice. very underrated game.