Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Special Edition back up on Amazon

The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Special Edition previously sold out on Amazon, but is back up once again.

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DivineAssault 400d ago

This is an expensive CE.. It couldve had more than the artbook and soundtrack... However if its as good as it looks, itl be worth it,

crazychris4124400d ago

wait 6 months after they release and the price will drop 60%, these CE always lose their value quickly

Gemmol400d ago

for other companies.......nintendo products take a bit more time, sometime years

Gemmol400d ago

its not bad......60 for the game......40 for the metal case, soundtrack cd, and 220 page art book........look at nba 2k18 for 100 you get less......

art book in my opinion the gem of the whole collection, it will make you think twice on where to put collection good too, but since everyone love the person who make the music for the game, there will be many people who will rip his songs and put it all over youtube, so the artbook is the real gem....but if you never care for the art work then you might as well get regular edition

I was thinking of getting the collectors edition, then sell the game, keeping the metal case, then download the game of the eshop.......i do not want any physical games, only digital

-Foxtrot399d ago

Nintendo really needs to get into the collectors edition more. They've literally had better shit on the Nintendo Stars program in the past then collectors editions

Least this collectors edition has a steelbook.

michellelynn0976399d ago

I need to get this! This game is going to be one of the best this year.