Thinking about investing in the gaming industry? Here is an idea…

As the gaming industry races towards the $100 billion mark, more and more investors are considering a thematic investment in this booming sector.

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Gh05t426d ago

I would rather find a way to invest in and fund specific projects than invest in stocks I already have the opportunity to buy. Also this goes 100% against the diversify your portfolio concept. The whole concept of investing in "themes" is actually extremely high risk for a portfolio holder. If that "theme" or industry has a bad day ALL your money has a bad day rather than just a small amount.

And to anyone who would say this isnt the only thing you would invest in, I would just say that it is the concept since anyone who is invested in the stock market can already buy these stocks. You go to a manager to manage your investments and they manage by theme.

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spreadlove426d ago

Investing in specific projects is extremely risky which is completely counter to a theme fund who spread the risk among multiple companies. Basically diversifying it. It doesn't mean you can't diversify it further with other funds or companies.

For most people, they should just buy the S&P 500 and call it a day.

Gh05t426d ago

You are mixing my two separate statements together.
1) These are just stocks that anyone can buy. I would prefer to "invest" in games rather than the publicly traded companies (What i wished this was about but isnt after reading it) this has nothing to do with the risk statement.

2) They sell themed investing so stocks picked because they all relate to ONE industry, that is the antithesis of diversity. So less risk than one company but still more risk than companies from multiple industries. Plus "You go to a manager to manage your investments and they manage by theme." Why would you want multiple managers?

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kamper426d ago

I god a rather large investment in Disney already

2600Thunder426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

It's a bubble. The GaaS model is unsustainable because it is in fact NOT the Netflix-like structure that Spencer has been campaigning. The 83 crash was caused by low quality, high priced saturation, which is where we are at again.

Though we have shifts back and forth in terms of quality because of the bit of vocal resistance that does exist (resulting in games like D2 and SWBF2), the reality is that these companies are not trying to compromise, but seeking a method for the least amount of resistance for us to accept their clear brute forcing of tripling and even quadrupling their gaming profits. They are trying to convince us that the games industry still doesn't know what it is yet and that it is a free for all, when it is just another medium for at-home entertainment.

This industry's consumers have been enjoying 40 years of games and the methods by which to consume them, then suddenly we are experiencing this forced shift. It would be similar to an industry ran by a group of 5 like-minded (an oligopoly) car makers suddenly chopping up vehicles, making the parts from the lowest cost materials, and forcing all consumers into monetization. If you want to enjoy the luxury of not having to walk or ride a bike, then you have to accept it - and with that comes the perception that gamers are "toxic", which is caused by the pockets of resistance of being dragged kicking and screaming into this GaaS system.

Eventually, gamers in general accepted and forgave it, we tried to enjoy our beloved hobby and move forward in the current state of the industry because we just want to play games. The results speak for themselves. All in this gen alone, gamers have been very good at forgiving and accepting the monetization and lowered quality in games. Now we have the chopped-out for DLC, downgraded, falsely advertised, one-trick-pony annual and multiplayer games, and skyrocketing prices on everything.

Some change is necessary to push an industry forward and progress, however the games this gen vs past gens pale in comparison in terms of ambition, innovation, content density, and pushing the best image quality technology had to offer. Before mobile, the industry strived for the best in both graphics, innovation, and gameplay and every single gen we have witnessed massive leaps forward. This gen has witnessed the panic of AAA Mafia members losing their grip and inventing methods to steal money from customers. The changes this gen have dramatically hurt the industry.

TLDR - With the industry shifting into an over saturation of low quality products and higher and higher pricing so drastically and with publishers unwillingly to compromise with consumers, a crash in imminent.

Tetsujin426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

The problem is too many companies are looking at ways to save money while spending less, which is at the sacrifice of quality work. Loot boxes currently is the "go to" for quick $ instead of actually making an effort to keep the player base happy by offering other options.

I want a crash that will teach the greedy corporations a lesson, however keep the indie scene unaffected. I want bigger companies to be reminded of who got them to where they are today, and what to do to stay at the top without asking for more $.

Thunder, a lot of what you said makes sense, and I do agree with what you're saying. Most of your comment is what others (including myself) have been saying for years.

zerocarnage426d ago

Agreed especially on a crash to teach the greedy devs and pubs,am sickve the lot of them.

My stance is simple, no more buying games with loot boxes in no matter how good it is, if they can't behave rite they deserve nothing they have pushed us far enough.

zerocarnage426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Enjoyed reading that and how true it is.

Reality is the more developers take customers,gamers and fans for granted,eventually what you said about a crash will happen is only a matter of time. Only once the masses figure it out, get to hurt or get very angry and refuse to buy new releases,only then will publishers and developers realise how wrong they got it and the libertys they took were way over board.

jmc8888426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Don't forget this has all occurred during the backdrop of the biggest overall market bubble in the history of mankind.

Everything is in a bubble, and the bubble didn't grow from excess legitimately created, it was formed with money printing, accounting changes/fraud, stock buy backs, 0 percent interest rates, etc, etc.

Obama didn't fix the economy. What caused 2008 was never fixed, and everything is tangibly worse. Even in 2008 they weren't advertising that they'll partially pay off your student loans in order to sell you a house for 3-5x its natural price. It's all back folks. Flipping, NINJA, adjustable rate, overstating income, securitization of these loans with no skin in the game by those that created them by foisting them on vastly underfunded pensions, and the derivatives that are betting on them (which is what ACTUALLY caused the crash, the side bet derivatives linked to housing).

The stock market hit 23,000 today, and the fair value is more like 3,000. Think about that for a moment. Plus now the world has 8 years more of debt from the bailouts of the fraudsters who were never prosecuted (Obama), and the central banks of the world are still printing about 200 billion dollars a MONTH. Why does the world need 200 billion in 'temporary emergency' money printing a month about 8 years after the 'crisis' ended if we're not still completely enveloped by it? Think about it.

Even Trump has embraced the bubble he knows is there.

But this is entirely a worldwide problem, with insane worldwide policies, and the leaders of the world as a whole is at fault, and their predecessors, and theirs, etc.

Then people wonder why games have loot boxes. $200 billion a month of money printing devalues what you work for mightily. It also makes everything cost a ton more. That's why say some 32 oz product that cost $1.50 in 2000, now costs $4 or so and comes in a 24oz product, and likely with an altered formula consisting of inferior materials inside. This is why many AAA games would cost a lot more if they didn't have season passes, loot boxes, etc.

It's why if you had two ounces of gold in 2001 and sold one to fund game purchases it would only net you about 4-5 AAA games in 2001, but if you sold the other ounce of gold today you could buy about over 20 AAA games today, and this number could easily skyrocket massively.

The main problem is, our politicians have sold us down the river, and the public doesn't care to notice, they get sidetracked by identity politics and other bs. Why people focused on the relative trivial and thought they were successful, in reality their present and future ability to live was stolen from them and they actually failed.

We need Glass-Steagall worldwide, and that just stops the bleeding from the frauds, and keeps us from being blackmailed into bailouts and bail-ins.

proofmaster426d ago

The Gaming industry reffers to gambling, the Game industry is the word you were looking for. I won't be taking advice from someone who doesn't know the difference between these two but still has a need to talk about it.

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