Behind The Xbox One X Architecture Part 3: What Are The Benefits of 12GB Memory & Auto Supersampling

GB's final analysis of the Xbox One X's architecture takes a look at the memory and supersampling functionality.

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trumpwonstopcrying56d ago

Well you can never have too much VRAM

Atticus_finch56d ago

But you can have too much TRUM
Dislikes In 3...2...1

trumpwonstopcrying55d ago

Well that's the fun of it. Trump says anything, then some people disagree out of pure hatred regardless if he is right or wrong.

Atticus_finch55d ago

It would be funner if everything he said wasn't detestable. No one disagrees out of hatred, be real. The man is simply wrong about almost, if not everything.

trumpwonstopcrying55d ago

Thank you Atticus you accidentally proved my point

Atticus_finch55d ago

Sorry if my bluntness comes off as hateful. But is still doesn't change that Trump is indefensible.

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spreadlove55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Not just VRAM, but dem bandwidth for 4k textures too. PS4 Pro on Witcher 3 didn't get 4k textures and looks last gen according to Eurogamer. The Xbox One X version of Witcher 3 should look next gen with 4k textures.

whiteblue56d ago

I wonder if microsoft have some AAA singe player project for 2018

Ghost_of_Tsushima56d ago

Phil doesn’t like single player games that much so I wouldn’t bet on it. He likes GaaS and online games.

bolimekurac56d ago

i think phil is listening, and while you are correct i do feel we will still see some new sp ip's in the future.

freshslicepizza56d ago

"Phil doesn’t like single player games that much so I wouldn’t bet on it. He likes GaaS and online games."

You seem to be interested in GT Sport so obviosuly you don't mind. Besides, you can still play games with tons of content without going online like Forza 7. Phil does need to come out with more games in 2018 because 2017 was rather weak.

FinalFantasyFanatic56d ago


Maybe next year, anything that gets announced now won't appear till then at the earliest.

Ghost_of_Tsushima56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

“You seem to be interested in GT Sport so obviosuly you don't mind.”

Possibly. The thing is we have plenty of AAA single player games coming to PS4. God of War, Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human, The Last of Us: Part 2, and Sucker Punch new IP.

Sony and Nintendo have single player games covered. Can’t say the same for Microsoft.

81BX55d ago

@the infected
Thanks for the heads up. I thought the games coming out were going to have a single player component. Good to know they won't.

spreadlove55d ago

Halo includes single player mode, so does Crackdown 3 and Gears. ReCore was recently released too and Super Lucky's Tale is coming. Cuphead is a massive success. So yeah, it will come.

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denawayne55d ago

Mark my words, MS held back some stuff for the X. There will be some stuff in E3 2018 that could have been shown in E3 2017

Father__Merrin56d ago

Far too expensive for a mid gen refresh imo

fathertime446455d ago

Let me guess, you think the 400 pro is appropriate though

Captain_Tom55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Good lord. I started reading this and had to stop after seeing the mountain of inccorect information about not only the XBX, but also the PS4 Pro. Neither console uses "off the shelf parts", and here is a real comparison of their graphics power: