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wonderfulmonkeyman372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Really, Bethesda?
You're going to make me pick between this and Skyrim if things go south on my paycheck situation?
I mean don't get me wrong, the more games the better, but I only get so much money from month to month; I've got little choice but to be picky with what I pick, and you're making it hard to choose...

*Sigh*... I guess I'll go for Doom.
I'd go for Skyrim, but I'm getting a HUGE RPG fix right on the first of December with Xenoblade 2, so I don't need another RPG right of the bat to snatch away too much of the time that I really wanna put into Xeno ASAP.
Plus I don't play shooters that terribly often. I think the last time I played one was when I went back into Borderlands 2 to do some Badass Token farming, unless I'm forgetting one, but that was a WHILE back, so having a new shooter to dive into might be a little more fun than usual.

Skyrim can be put on the back-burner until the 1st of January, I suppose, unless someone pulls a rabbit out of their hat on that month too and I'm stuck "prioritizing" again.XD

The 10th Rider372d ago

Multiple stores typically hold b2g1 free sales on games in the lead up to Christmas. Target and Best Buy both did last year. If you can hold off until December you can pick up Xenoblade, Skyrim, and Doom then.

wonderfulmonkeyman371d ago

That's a wonderful idea, but I'll have to see how finances go because my home life isn't always peaceful let alone financially stable.
Just had a row with a family member because I refused to support the smoking addiction the entire family aside from me has by buying them cigarette rolling papers, so now I'm not even sure if I'll be getting any presents on Christmas, and thus have to limit what I spend to the utmost. They might have me try to buy the family more food to compensate or something, which would eat into anything I'd have to be put towards my hobby.

If you don't smoke, dude, then please don't ever start. It's an addiction that can tear apart families the moment someone doesn't follow the smoking herd.T_T

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DJK1NG_Gaming372d ago

Wow I thought it might have been a December Week 1 or early Week 2 game. But hey more games coming November.

PhantomTommy372d ago

The game is utterly fantastic but I'd need more of an incentive to pick it up again, especially considering the framerate has been halved. Stick those 360/PS3 ports of Doom 1 and 2 in there and I'd be all over it.

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