Online petition forces government response to loot boxes

A petition calling for gambling laws to be adapted to include video games with gambling mechanics has passed the 10k signatures needed to warrant a response from the UK government.

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UCForce425d ago

It's seem MT in AAA Games are extreme case.

Many-hat5423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Please do, but you need to be UK citizen. Currently running @ 13,700 approx, as of my post. We need 100,000 for issue to be debated in parliament.

chrisoadamson423d ago

How do you sign . UK born and bred 😁

RommyReigns423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Check out what Activision are about to implement in CoD WW2...

For those who could not be asked to check it out, basically in CoD WW2 the matchmaking is going to be set where the high skilled players (or players with DLC guns and in game items) are going to play the low skilled players, simply to try and force the low skilled players to buy MTs and DLC guns and in game items to 'match up' to the high skilled players.

yomfweeee423d ago

Your have no proof they are doing that. They've denied it. They certainly explored doing it which is troubling.

Nodoze423d ago

WOW. PAY TO WIN. Slay those that don't want to doll out cash to play.

Lamboomington423d ago

Can you provide a source for that ? Or did you make an extrapolation from that other article ? because as far as I know it didn't say anything about COD specifically. It was all general case examples.

Ittoittosai423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

@yonfweeeee yeah cause devs and publishers are always honest right? No they lie, flat out lie to your face all the time. It wouldnt surprise me if we see people start digging to find this stuff server side and its actually there.

Many-hat5423d ago

Read they had considered it, but they have denied using it, haven't they? Anyway, not sure how well that would work. Don't think either participant would like that arrangement much. Whole idea of match making is to play with others at, or around your own level, isn't it?

Deviwolf423d ago

OMG Nodoze!!! Good comment hahaha!!!!!!!!

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XiNatsuDragnel425d ago

MTs in 60 dollar game bans plz

Servbot41423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Nah, label all games with microtransactions, even "free" games as gambling and force them to be rated AO regardless of the rest of the content. If they want to make it so their games can't be sold in retail stores let them suffer.

tiyoxela423d ago

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indyman7777423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Hard to believe I bought the Brooklyn bridge for only $3.50 and am rich now after selling it to the Government! Man I can't wait to be the first sucker to click your link :) SPAM

FallenAngel1984423d ago

Nows the time to drop the ban hammer

ifrit_caress423d ago

The ban hammer on microtransactions was long overdue.

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zerocarnage423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

I've signed, the count is at 13,538 seems like it's rocketing.

Put it everywhere you can ie your activity feeds, Facebook everywhere it can be seen by gamers.

Everyone should be getting petitions done in there country a worldwide response will show publishers and developers we mean business and ain't going to take it.

Together no matter the platform we are on we can be United in this..

Thank you to the article writer for putting this on here, please spread this like a virus peeps.

jrshankill423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

I'm all for ending microtransactions but this doesn't help at all. People need to speak with their wallets. If loot boxes were ever to disappear, there will be another way to con the casuals.

And, considering that this is for UK Law, it means UK gamers will get gimped versions of games that possibly don't offer everything NTSC / other PAL regions offer.

It's a can of worms. You're asking an already questionable government to police video games, all because you're pissed off about a weapon or attire in Shadow of War. Governments in general are against video games. Was this not considered?

indyman7777423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

It does help. There may be other ways to figure out how the rip off a fool. Especially the kind that defend this kind of stuff. But laws like this usually have language that covers more than just one thing.

Plus it hurts a company to try things once they see it may ban there game, or cost them money. Or cause them to need to get approval/certified or blocked in a country/region.

But I will agree that there are people like yomfweeee that will either buy or defend it to the end. The best vote is with the wallet. But this DOES help.

indyman7777423d ago

Good job, and thanks we need one for the USA! Maybe it will be an inspiration for us over here.

Tetsujin423d ago

I'd go as far as saying to refund everyone affected, to show the companies we mean business.

ifrit_caress423d ago

"Can lead to real money being lost/earned."
Someone help me out here. What real money is being earned by you when you buy loot boxes? How can you make or get real money from the things you get in these in-game loot boxes?

Mikefizzled423d ago

I opened a £2 crate on CSGO and got a knife worth nearly £200. I could easily sell it.

Many-hat5423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

And your point? My point is MT's are not good for gaming,period.

Mikefizzled423d ago

I have literally no idea what relevance your comment holds. I was merely responding to his "How can you make or get real money from the things you get in these in-game loot boxes?"

Servbot41423d ago

There are games where you can sell lootbox rewards.

Ittoittosai423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Um diablo 3 had a real money auction house, CSGO has had resellable MT content for years now. WoW user routinely sell their accounts and items in game its been happening for years, before that there was DAoC. These MT in full priced games are getting out of hand and now it come to light Activision patented a system to match make player based on DLC and MT content. Enough is enough

TankCrossing423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Any game that allows users to trade items. Though I imagine publishers are pretty well covered, as the terms of service will exclude people from accepting money (even though they turn a blind eye to the fact that it happens all the time).

indyman7777423d ago

Okay good question. It is not just about real money it is about gambling. If I go to a state fair and win a chance to sing or audition, or win a teddy bear. It is still gambling.

If I can sell something I won electronically, or otherwise it is still winning something.

If I can get paid from advertising my youtube channel has the best player(because of my loot winnings), and get more hits that get me more revenue dollars I still won money. But once again it is not just about MONEY. I don't see a simple direct money hit on this.

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