Ray-tracing in games requires 100X more powerful GPUs, photorealistic virtual reality requires 40X

DSOGaming writes: "As we’ve said numerous times, we believe that ray-tracing is the future of lighting in video-games. While there have been some attempts in various tech demos to implement a fully ray-tracing rendering system, we haven’t seen any triple-A game featuring it. And from the looks of it, we won’t see such a thing anytime soon."

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Eonjay420d ago

Look on the bright side, this gives us something to work towards. I mean, once we reach this level even... there will be new technologies for us to target. There is a really great TED doc on how the chase for better graphics has helped move technology and science forward. Thats something to feel good about.

RememberThe357420d ago

You might have to drop a link for us, I'd like to see that.

Lennoxb63421d ago

I thought that a scaled down version of ray tracing and god rays would be available by next gen. These two assets are the next level of graphics in games.

varowore420d ago

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KTF26420d ago

more likely Voxel based GI
not ray tracing but the results are impressive

rainslacker420d ago

Problem with Ray tracing is that it's a pretty heavy physics calculation to determine how light reflects off another surface. While this in and of itself isn't that much, and it's generally the same calculation done for any lighting system, ray tracing takes multiple "rays" of light and blends them together to constantly change the make up of the reflected light for the final render.

it's an extremely complex and multi-layered process which to be done effectively eats up a lot of processing power. There are multiple levels of ray tracing, and gaming nowadays basically uses one "ray", which only mimics multiple reflections from a single ray, and more often than not actually ignores spurious the light of reflecting off a car that hits another object then back onto the car, which is what causes the kind of reflections you see when two cars are driving next to each other and another headlight bounces between them.

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