Happy 25th Birthday, Sega CD

25 years ago, Sega brought FMV and CD-Quality audio to your living room with the Sega CD. Take a look back at a time when Sega did what Ninten-didn't!

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gangsta_red401d ago

Sega, way too ahead of their time.

Sgt_Slaughter400d ago

SEGA, always had a good idea then followed it up with three awful ones.

gamejediben400d ago

Sonic CD - My Favorite Sonic the Hedghog game.
Snatcher - Best visual novel of the 90s. A Blade Runner fans wet dream!
Final Fight CD - Best version of Final Fight without buying the arcade cabinet.
Lunar The Silver Star - This and Secret of Mana were the best RPGs of 1993. I liked Lunar better though.
Lunar Eternal Blue - Excellent sequel (but was completely outclassed by Chrono Trigger in 1995)
Popful Mail - The best game on Sega CD IMO. Action RPG masterpiece defined!
Shining Force CD - 4 Shining Force strategy RPGs on 1 disc! Only problem: required the RAM cartridge
The Terminator - Terminator + Contra = Gaming Bliss! Easily the best licensed Terminator game in history.
Earthworm Jim Special Edition - CD audio soundtrack, more levels, new endings. The definitive version!
Silpheed - Nintendo fanboys bragged about Starfox, show them this game and watch them sputter in rage!
Robo Aleste - If you like MUSHA but want a better CD quality soundtrack, try this.

So many great games! May the Sega CD live forever!