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Gran Turismo sport lets you Create your own career.

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IRetrouk427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

This should shut some people up👌
Game is going to be fantastic, really cant wait to get stuck in😁😁

2pacalypsenow427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Shut who up? The game still doesn't have a career mode like GT6.

IRetrouk427d ago

Doesnt need it, did you see all those options? Plenty of single player content.

2pacalypsenow427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Plenty of people will be put off because of this, since they want a full career mode. And when I say career mode I mean a real single player career mode like GT6 and Forza 7.

IRetrouk426d ago

I dont think they will, once the reviews come out people will see how deep the game is, its teaching real racing techniques, ok so you dont get a cup when you finish races, you still get credits and xp, kaz also said on twitter that there is full on races in the campain, i played an endurance race in the demo/beta, i think people have over reacted, did you watch the video??

Goukira426d ago

climbing up in the ladder with better scores and rankings and get to race in official FIA competition is your creating your own career as a "sim"racer

feraldrgn426d ago

This isn't GT7, this is GTSport.
GT7 which will be more single player focused will come afterwards.

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sfex3best426d ago

I went for pcars2 on the rift and it's well worth it imo. Though I would like a proper gran turismo vr one day with full on career mode just like the old days. Something I can spend 100 hours or more just carefully choosing and picking the right car to buy to win the race. Tuning up with the right parts buying the right wheels and so on. Selling my whole garage for that suzuka pikes peak and leaving my ps on all night so I can continue that 200 lap race the next day. These thing's make me remember the game. These are the things which made gran turismo special I wish we got all that backed with full vr support.

Instead we have a barebones game with a barebones career. If I wanted real hardcore racing against online peeps I already have iracing for that. Pcars also provides that too. Gran turismo just basically took out everything that seperated it from the rest to focus on alll this esport business

nix426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

How's the AI there? I was completely put off by the AI in the first game. I still play the career once in a while... Playing as a Formula A driver. Only two nights back, I put it on only to get frustrated. Reminded me why I stopped in the first place.

I was playing GT demo other week. OMG I felt so good racing because for once the AI was not trying to kill me. I've pre-ordered GT. The game has downloaded. 10 hours to go. I know there's no proper SP and that was what was keeping me on the fence but after the demo and few online races, I decided. The game is still no walk in the park for me but I won't be Restarting the same damn race because some stupid AI decides to brake in front of me unnecessarily spinning me out. Enough of that crap.

Ducky426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

^ The AI is pretty much the same in both pcars and pcars2. You have to modify the AI difficulty to find the fine-line between passive and homicidal. I have yet to find that line. :(

I'm not a fan of open-wheel racing, but I've heard good things about F1 2017 as far as single-player is concerned.

Also, if you haven't already, try to get the 1.02 patch for GTSport. It's 12gb in size, and you'll be locked out of the single player campaign without it (and the game won't save either).

nix426d ago

I've seen videos of PC2 where the AI has been pushed to 100 (because that's what you do when you play a sim) and all they create is a mountain. I had a good laugh. Thank god i didn't buy it. Clearly, i had enough of the AI.

AspiringProGenji427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Create Your Career
Your Career

You hear that people?

crazychris4124427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Its Career in name only, its barebones compared to the careers in the main entries of the series. This is an online focused game, they have been saying this for months.

-Driving School

This is all about learning racing techniques and how elements like tyre grip and vehicle balance must be controlled. You’ll do things like power in and out of the apex of a corner without veering off the road.

-Mission Challenge

This is the largest of the sub modes. Here, you will apply what you learned in the Driving School to real-world situations. This could be making a certain number of overtakes, beating a time trial, staying ahead of opponents, knocking over cones and even competing in Gymkhana events.

-Circuit Experience

This focuses on individual tracks, using reference videos to help you master the circuits sector-by-sector. Braking points and apexes become clearly marked and you learn how to deal with changes in camber and overtaking zones.

-Racing Etiquette

This mode was inactive during my play session, but given that the Sport mode’s matchmaking and player rankings are impacted by your Sportsmanship Rating, I think it is clear what kind of experience you will find here.

AspiringProGenji427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

It is refering to the online mode! The career is now shifted to the Online which makes sense. The campaign will test you racing skills and will each you everything about driving and etiquete, then you show off your skills online and get the ranks, grow, and compete. That is where the Career is in this game as opposed to Single player career. Take that as you will, but I am excited for this direction and see how far I get and build my Career. Other more enthusiast and gifted players my even achieve their dreams and become a profesional racing driver. That an actual career if you ask me

NoPeace_Walker426d ago (Edited 426d ago )


So what you are saying is you have to always be online to take advantage of this career mode? How is that making sense for people that just want to play single player offline, doesn't always have internet connection or have no PS Plus subscription?

AspiringProGenji426d ago

Yeah and I’m sure GTS was always told to be an online first game. If it is not for you then I get it. The SP this time around is not the typical one. Take that as you will...

Kribwalker426d ago

what i find really funny is that Sea Of Thieves gets crapped on because there’s no single player that we know of and it’s an online centric game. yet here we sit, with an online only (really, there’s not much you can do offline) GTsport and they are being praised for going that direction......#doublestandard s

IamTylerDurden1426d ago

This isn't GT7, it's GT Sport and it's a slightly different take on the GT franchise. It's more focused on competitive racing and it in no way needs to adhere to people's expectations of what other games have. If u can't handle nor understand that then go play something else.

nix426d ago

I wonder how stupid ppl are. From the first trailer it was evident that this is going to be FIA approved racing game. That means you race with other human racers. It's going to put off lots of ppl but man just stop talking about SP. The game doesn't have it. Everyone knows. Don't hate just because you missed the entire plot.

It's like Halo Wars or Forza Horizon. The damn title doesn't even say 7 and is replaced with Sport.

Just get the point, people.

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Kribwalker427d ago

as in:
Your Career
online Races played
online races won
driver test
clean driving

but a typical GT career mode it is not

NoPeace_Walker426d ago

The career mode is not like the past. In GT6, you don't need to be always online to progress your racing career.

Septic426d ago

Close your eyes and believe 😍

AspiringProGenji426d ago

But but career and single player are not mutually exclusive 🤔

freshslicepizza427d ago

The menu/UI look way better than past games.

Eonjay426d ago

Yes they definitely nailed it. It is smooth, responsive and that seems to really add to the overall experience.

InfinityRipper426d ago

The demo was great, but I don't have ps plus so I'm on the fence about spending 120 bucks to get into the game. I'm still playing assetto corsa, so I'm going to wait for reviews and see how well the crash system is implemented before I decide, it looks great though and is the only game that would get me back into online gaming.

Father__Merrin426d ago

Didn't have time to play the demo that much but it's obvious there's a lot of content. Loved the rpg style leveling even if you do a quick time trial or event you gain experience. For an online focused title this is going to do very well.