Overwatch Player Achieves World's First Level 4,000

UltimateReady writes "You thought you were a dedicated Overwatch player? Guess again."

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Erik7357401d ago

Theres no time for breaks with Overwatch

Notellin401d ago

One of the most embarrassing things I've ever read. In order to achieve this feat he would have to average 7.93 hours per day.

I bet his health is outstanding.

NiteX401d ago

Pretty much the same thing the pro esport players do.

Rimeskeem401d ago

yes, but the know how to take care of themselves usually.

OMGitzThatGuy401d ago

Read again speed reader, 7.93 LEVELS average per day, not hours. That's about 5 hours a day and considering average amount of free time for a working adult is 8 hours a day, more on weekends of course, it isn't that bad. Some people just have different hobbies. You cant be embarrassed by another human's choices, what you are feeling is the need to judge.

Notellin400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Average free time is 8 hours a day for a working adult? That's one of the most made up garbage statements I've read on N4G. You probably read that off Wikipedia or The Onion. The most recent 2016 data has leisure time for a working adult at a little under 4 hours.

You can absolutely be embarrassed for another human's choices it's in our nature. I spend my work week watching people kill themselves with poor lifestyle habits and this increasing sedentary lifestyle is a damn shame. It's fine if you want to come see me one day for diabetes, heart failure, GERD, or other complications from obesity, but that doesn't mean I can't feel sorry or embarrassed.

Here's a source for you that obviously knows more than you about the time to level.

"Hour 1 - Level 5
Hour 2 - Level 7
Hour 3 - Level 9
Hour 4 - Level 10
Hour 5 - Level 12
Hour 6 - Level 13
Hour 7 - Level 15
Hour 8 - Level 16
Hour 9 - Level 17
Hour 10 - Level 18
Hour 11 - Level 19
Hour 12 - Level 20
Hour 13 - Level 21
Hour 14 - Level 22
Hours 15-93 - Roughly one level each until you prestige again at level 100

Thus, every 93 hours of gameplay will get you about 100 loot boxes, or 1.08 loot boxes per hour, if you play in groups OR 112 hours of gameplay or 0.90 loot boxes per hour if you play solo"

Posted by BigAlChubbs who calculated xp gain instead of making something up.

This is far more knowledgeable than the nonsense you just threw out there, but keep up the good work talking about something you know nothing about.

opinionated401d ago

But did he buy loot boxes? That’s what we all want to know.

OMGitzThatGuy401d ago

Would it make a difference? Doubt it since he is lvl 4000 means he has gotten 4000 lootcrates and I'm sure he has all cosmetic crap unlocked.

opinionated400d ago

But what if he unlocked the same thing over and over.. What if he was enticed and compelled to buy loot boxes by some Lovecraftian cosmic force? Is that the real reason he is at 4000? Is he a gambling addict?