‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Xbox One X Enhancements Finalized, The Tether Is Sticking Around

INQ: The Xbox One X is due out in less than a month and ARK: Survival Evolved is on the list of games that will be enhanced. Studio Wildcard confirmed the resolution and framerate options that will be available for the open-world survival title for the new console in a community post early Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the tether is not going to go away completely as previously promised.

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freshslicepizza366d ago

1440p and 30fps or 1080p and up to 60fps. That's quite impressive for such a terrible engine these guys made.

Sm00thNinja366d ago

Neither of those achievements mean the game suddenly runs stable enough to be playable

freshslicepizza366d ago

Good to know you already got your Xbox One X, does it run pretty quiet??

Sm00thNinja366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Hmm well I'll assume you don't have one yet either?? Care to confirm I'm wrong seeing as how the game runs like trash on even the best gaming PCs?

Also to answer your question. Their are kiosk all over my city and it runs quiet af.

freshslicepizza366d ago

I would wait then until it's out before you start assuming it won't be stable on the Xbox One X.

Sm00thNinja366d ago

Well that's your prerogative. It has nothing to do with the Xbox One X. Don't get your panties in a bunch I habe every bit of faith in the Xbox One Xs abilities. Have you given this game a go? My question lies in the developers capability to make a playable experience across any platform.

Bigpappy366d ago

Moldy did not say the game will run better than on PC.

Sm00thNinja366d ago

@BigPappy what a stupid defense I didn't say it needed to run better than PC I just said it didn't allude to being any more stable than on any other platform

conanlifts366d ago

@moldy. I think you are being overly defensive for no reason. It was a fair comment for a game with performance issues on every platform.

NoPeace_Walker366d ago


This is your answer:

- Detail mode on Pro offers 1080p/30 FPS (on OG "normal" mode is 680p and detailed is 720p)

- Normal mode on Pro offers a target of 60 FPS at 720p, still goes down to 30 FPS sometimes.

Both OG and Pro drop to long stretches of 20 FPS in 'detail' mode.

Obscure_Observer365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

I think Smoothninja is right. There´s nothing to do with the X. It´s the developers problems making this game run stable on any platform.

That said, Pro´s 30fps vs X´s 60fps is not a slight difference at all!

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Queasy366d ago

It runs on Unreal Engine 4, so they didn't make it. The problem is Unreal Engine 4 wasn't made for what ARK: Survival Evolved asks it to do and they've had to make modifications. Conan Exiles and PUBG run on it too and both those games have their issues.

The good news is Epic Games is starting to modifications to Unreal Engine 4 themselves to better handle huge maps and loads of players due to the success of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Now it's just a question of how quickly those updates trickle to ARK. Conan Exiles, and PUBG.

Gwiz366d ago

Yeah you can tell the engine wasn't really deigned for huge games,good to see Epic Games responding in a timely manner.

TRU3_GAM3R366d ago

Yeah the game run at 30fps/1080p on ps4 pro ,that X power!

JackBNimble366d ago

That is purely subjective, the game and servers are unstable.

Enjoigamin366d ago

Don't have good servers then you don't have a good game. All is one

xtheblackparade366d ago

Would be cool if they' d finally be able to make it playable.

mokkeyrg2366d ago

Atleast it will run semi better then the X1S i guess

_LarZen_366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

It's "shit" on PS4 and PS4Pro and will be better and beyond that on Xbox One X. That's how it will be regardless of what fanboys try to preach.

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