Is Destiny 2's Lord Shaxx is gaming's greatest multiplayer announcer?

Bungie's larger-than-life character is up there with Quake and Halo's legendary announcers.

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Sm00thNinja221d ago

God no. Imo he's one of the weaker aspects of the multiplayer. SHAXX LACKS any excitement no matter what the situation. He does have silky pipes I like his introductions I'll give him that.

Notellin221d ago

Lacks excitement? Never heard anyone say that about Shaxx.

GrimDragon221d ago

I like the iron banner announcer better.

The_KELRaTH221d ago

lol not even close, check out UT99 for instance :)

cha0sknightmare219d ago

I find him so funny, he's great.