Why Gen 7 Is the Best Generation

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "And so we have finally arrived at ‘last-gen’ on our quest to determine which generation is the best one of them all and in all honesty, the seventh generation of video games was my personal pick to be the best gen of them all when I started this project (but now who knows!). it just seemed like the perfect time to be a gamer as no matter how you decided to game you had a strong console, supported by a steady stream of quality games that just never seemed to end. Yep, the 7th generation of gaming really was a great time to be a ‘gamer’ but was it also the best? Here’s why I think it is."

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Xerneas428d ago

It is not...

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th are the golden age of gaming. 7th begins the dark age. 8th...shit got real.

VoiceOfUnreason427d ago

Can almost guarantee that all the down votes are coming from those who started gaming with the 7th gen, and have probably never actually gone back and played anything from gen's 1-6.


To be so willfully ignorant..

strayanalog427d ago

Generation 7, or what will be dubbed later as the Lost Generation, was not so much a time of revolution, but of stagnation. The line of console and PC officially blurred with game installs, patches, and movie applications. HD came to our systems for the first time (now standard), making our digital worlds sharper, as motion controls showed us controllers and tv's don't mix. We bid farewell to a lot developers too as the global economy hurt quite a few and poor decisions the rest. This generation also proved that a fallen competitor can become market leader again, breaking traditional mold of first place for two generations and never again.
Most games took the step toward cinematic, pushing most of the traditional fun tone aside to focus on the emotions of gamers with varying degrees. We suffered through sequel overload with annual releases and the blessing and curse that was Achievements/Trophies. Our focus went toward reboots/remasters, and the overindulgence of the First-Person Shooter and Rhythm game genres, while co-op, now dubbed "couch co-op" took a backseat as player one drove.
We laughed, got mad, or annoyed at red rings of death, the decline of gaming journalism (now celebrated bloggers), mobile gaming, cocky crusading lawyers, preorder bonuses, and boomerang controllers. The rise of independent developers happened, the everyday fan showing us their influences, going against the cinematic turning industry with reminders of why we played in the first place.
Gen 7 brought gaming to the masses, in ways that never happened before or thought we could reach, as it officially became mainstream. Terms of "casual" and "hardcore" now attempted to describe gamer types, as the industry showed off its greedy and lazy sides in the form of microtransactions, shovelware, Day One DLC, and patches.
In my opinion, looking back at the 7th Gen, it may have gave online play a place, brought in HD, and gave controllers to your grandparents, but I don't think it qualifies for Best Generation simply because nothing of value happened. If anything it seemed we didn't know where to go, so we lazily modded our way through on cruise control in HD.

427d ago
Cobra951427d ago

Nothing of value happened? Were you there?

strayanalog427d ago

Well I don't recall any comas, and you're fine too, I assume, so what's your opinion on its value?

bluefox755427d ago

PS3 was, and still is, an amazing console with so many great games.

Cobra951427d ago

Yes, as is the Xbox 360. This was the golden age. The PS2 was great, for its time. I still think of the 360/PS3 days as great, period.

Cobra951427d ago

Yes, he's absolutely right. When I started reading this series, I scoffed at his picking earlier generations as "the best generation". But now it's more clear that he was proposing each one in turn, exalting the respective strengths. While each gen was exciting for its time, I don't see how anyone with the full journey's experience could pick any gen other than the 7th as the best. The 8th is a bit of a disaster, with hardware refreshes, weak CPUs, unreasonable resolution targets, weak game-design innovation, and game publishers cranking up the greed factor to 11. The 7th improves on everything that came before it, adds its own social dynamic and the option of digital distribution, and even includes some of the best games from early generations for the nostalgically minded, whether in strictly emulated or enhanced modern forms. It also had unparalleled global acceptance. What more could you ask? Oh, better graphics? *Sigh* Yes, we're paying the price for those right now.

datriax427d ago

I can't think of a single reason why 7th gen would be the best. It pretty much ushered in every single s**t practice we see in the market these days.

So... 7th gen can rot in the 7th circle of hell.

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