Destiny 2: Iron Banner Showing Rust

The Iron Banner makes its Destiny 2 debut this week, but it seems to have lost a bit of its sheen since the first Destiny.

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corroios423d ago

I agree totally. Iron Banner gear is amazing, but the reward system is total crap. When you win or lose a game there should be Iron banner loot and not normal loot

Again the reward system of D1 allowed to get gear if you reach a lvl. With my titan i reached lvl 10, where you get the packge only with the legs... 3 smg and one fusion rifle and lvl 10 a got the cloth...

Ive seen videos of gamers giving 300 token and not getting all the armor!!!!! The design of the weapons was also very cool, but this one isnt. i dont even want any of them.

In terms of gameplay PVP is diferent because all the shotgun gamers are done. For me that good. Dont like and never went that path. But you get the swords dudes hiding...

with only 4vs4 some maps are too big. It take too much time to get there.

Also many teams dont understand the word CONTROL. Its not team death match. Also i think hunter are being destroyed on crucible. The Titan and warlock got huge advantage with the shield and healing or attacking.

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The_KELRaTH422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

In the end the devs didnt learn anything from D1 instead going for the easiest to develop direction. For a lot of players there is just nothing left to do and its only been 5 weeks since launch.
The scenery and animations are beautiful but the heart of the game, the gameplay, seriously is lacking.

Rather than just limiting crucible player count they should have expanded it into the patrol areas with 16 v 16 5 flag CTF, DM, TDM etc. and enabled user selectable mutators to keep things fresh.

I remember when games kept gamers interest for years like Unreal Tournament, Quake, Battlefield 1942, RTCW, Enemy Territory, etc etc etc and now we down to weeks!!

Sam Fisher422d ago

Honestly for the pvp portion, they shouldve taken the halo 3 approach of mp, different modes published weekly, one week 2v2v2v2, next minute big team vehicle mode, than swat

Stogz422d ago

I feel like I'm now in the same loop as destiny 1, nitefall and raids, that's it. Oh and a flashpoint. It really sucks after having destiny out for 3 years and they still can't figure out their end game problem.

TimSmithBRS421d ago

This is my problem. I shouldn't have a max Power character in a month from launch while having never completed the Raid or Trials. I have a clan of over 100 right now and the activity level has already fallen off a cliff. Not going to get better with Wolfenstein, Assassins Creed, Battlefront II on the horizon. Hopefully the devs are trying to figure it out.

n4gamingm422d ago

Plus the spawns in d2 are terrible