F1 2017 Sells an Estimated 170,000 Units First Week at Retail

The racing game from Codemasters - F1 2017 - sold 170,427 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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MaxiPower90402d ago

about 30 thousand more than the previous year so its not bad.

nix402d ago

I got F1 16 for half the price. So no need for me to get this new game. I was living with F1 13 until I got 16 so I'm one of those who didn't bother.

3-4-5402d ago

Pretty good for a niche racing game.....which is itself a niche genre within gaming.

Most people don't understand that selling 200k copies of a game isn't really bad.

People see a few EA games & GTA sell millions and expect all games to do that.

Plenty of games will sell 20,000-40,000 units weekly or even monthly and still get buy and make a profit.

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V0LT402d ago

For an F1 game thats not too bad.

alb1899402d ago

Race games keep selling for longer time


They do but when they run a new one out every year it does cost them sales...

Knushwood Butt402d ago

Probably doesn't even cover the cost for the rights to use a scan of Bernie Ecclestone's eyebrows.