Humble Bundle has been Acquired by IGN

Media giant IGN announced today that it has acquired Humble Bundle, the company best known for selling packs of indie games at pay-what-you-want prices. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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2pacalypsenow400d ago

RIP Humble Bundle, we had a good run.

Soulst0rmer400d ago

7.9 "Too much of a good thing" - IGN

Sono421398d ago

This is terrible, I only just found out about the site last month and IGN just had to come along and ruin it for me...

freshslicepizza400d ago

I expect future titles to have higher review scores on average now.

2600Thunder400d ago

Yup IGN is corrupt as hell.

PlayStation_5400d ago

Everything IGN touches turns to shit.

alexgibson400d ago

Any evidence? Sounds like you're just on the IGN-hate bandwagon.

Nightmar3Demom400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Well, all good things must end I guess

Movefasta1993400d ago

I just brought the borderlands goty,borderlands 2 goty and adventures of van hel collection bundle for under £4 from there,I might never see a deal like that again:(

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FallenAngel1984400d ago

I don't know how I should feel about this development

shuvam09400d ago

Ideally you should be feeling bad...
I don't know of one likable person there...
Ever since EasyAliies entered the scene, IGN has become irrelevant in terms of game reviews to me...
I do visit the site once or twice a week to check out on news though...

SinkingSage400d ago

They had Daemon Hatfield, that guy was likable.

datriax400d ago Show
agent4532400d ago

This is bullshit all good customer driven companies bought off by corporations. Bleh. This will hurt humble bundle in the long run.

Xenophon_York400d ago

IGN was decent back twenty years ago. Been particularly horrible since the game site decided to be a multi-entertainment reporting source instead of Imagine GAMES Network.

edeprez400d ago

Yeah, IGN was the place to be back in the day. Now its a bunch of tv and movie garbage, and not so good videos, just nothing left to hang around for. Plus most of their talent has left them.

2600Thunder400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Yeah, like many I was actively online when it was IGN vs Gamespot and they were both great back then. Then the ad traffic measurements and sponsorships from publishers came; according to Peer Schneider they needed the money. That's when everything changed along with the introduction of click bait we all know so well.

Xenophon_York400d ago (Edited 400d ago )


That's basically it. Once big bucks started pumping through the Internet seventeen or so years ago gaming sites starting seeing so much green a lot of the genuine passion croaked. Add to that the gobbling of of these sites by major media outlets and here we are.

Tapani400d ago

Corporations my ass. This is small time business buying a small time business.

The normal definition of "corporations" and everything "large and evil" about them is a bit different than a few million dollar business buying another a few million dollar business.

I meet bigger businesses daily, and I'm living in an insignificant country economy-wise. Might be big for gamers and in their world, but I can assure these online media outlets are not terribly large in any measurable revenue-parameter.

I loved the idea of humble bundle though, and I thought it is very strange that it was sold. Goes against their nature to benefit. Oh wait, maybe it is exactly what it was made for, to be sold once enough money was gained. Nothing humble about that, though.

Null1980400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Tapani, you do know that IGN is part of a larger Publishing & Internet company, Ziff Davis. Revenue over $215 million a year with 1200ish employees. It's part of a corporation.

edit- that $215 million was REVENUE. Their net worth is estimated at $1.9 Billion as of 2015. You work with bigger companies worth more than $1.9 Billion every day? Okay.

Petebloodyonion400d ago

@Tapani You should check IGN parent company Ziff and Davis a subsidiary of J2global inc.
They are far from a small time company.

Tapani400d ago

OtterX and Pete,

You are right!! You proved me wrong! I was drunk, and didn't do my homework before my comment. Apologies!

PhoenixUp400d ago

Will all hell break loose with this acquisition?

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