Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor For PS4 Hit Rock Bottom on Amazon

Grab epic titles such as Mass Effect Andromeda: Deluxe Edition, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor for savings of over 50%!

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AnubisG339d ago

For Honor could be a cool PSplus game one month.

Sam Fisher339d ago

The only way you see me "buying" it

GamesMaster1982339d ago

Ha yeah same here. Although i admit i did not like Wildlands at all when i bought it but gave it a change the other month and now got the platinum was actually a great game and played it all solo apart from the trophys i needed online.

DarkZane339d ago

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a very good game.

1nsomniac339d ago

Just currently playing it’s free weekend. It really does look amazing on the Pro.

Haven’t even tried multiplayer but think I might buy it while it’s on offer. Just got such a backlog at the moment to get through.

jc12339d ago

I played it for 20 mins and then sold it. I thought the animations were terrible. Broke the immersion, at least for me.

FITgamer339d ago

I agree. Especially with a group of friends.

SlapHappyJesus339d ago

Great game that simply got lost as soon as it released.
A bit sad, honestly.

Picked up decent activity with the sale on Steam.
Sure the same holds true on console.

DrugsAreGood4U338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Definitely didn't get lost as soon as it released.
It was the #1 selling game for 3 to 5 weeks in the UK this year (Don't remember exactly how many weeks)
Sold 2.27 Million on PS4 and 1.14 Million on XBox. (Physical Copies counted only)
No telling how many copies it sold digitally, but I'd guess it's at least another 1.25 million in total across both console platforms.

Great game to play. Perks are fun, gun play is solid and exploration is vast.

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deathtok339d ago

I'm enjoying Mass Effect Andromeda, really good bargain at $12.

Sam Fisher339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Goodluck on the enjoyment later on

DrumBeat338d ago

Ghost Recon. People on my friends list seemed to play it intensely for two weeks. None of them play it now - none of them. It's as if the game were never made.