Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor vs Shadow of War Character Model Comparison

Shadow of War seems to improve almost every aspects of its predecessor. Let’s check how it handled main characters of the story. For sure they look different, don’t you think?

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SCW1982134d ago

Still looks like the biggest pancake face in the industry. Horrible design.

naruga134d ago

Mordor looks better ...i ve said it even from trailer that SoW is more cheaply made ....aslo SoM has many effects superior in quality than SoW

roadkillers134d ago

You got negatives, but I agree. I like the darker tone for SoM and the graphics... seem similar.

S2Killinit133d ago

Thats what i was going to say. GRaphically they look similar in quality. Not sure which design i like more though.

2600Thunder134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Exactly this. MS as a "partner" at work. Looks like its made by crayola obviously optimized for xbone and xbonex with ham-fisted loot gambling. I have Shodow of Mordor and love it, but did not buy Shadow of More Dough nor do I want to after all the favorable reviews sounded like used car salesmen selling lemons leaving important details like "money" out of the reviews.

Jinger134d ago

Wtf are you even babbling about? Like MS had anything to do with development or production.

boing1134d ago, grab your beer and check this out!

Xerneas134d ago

Mordor looked better...good lord.

Eonjay134d ago

You are definitely right here. Also, for some reason, the screen tearing in Shadow of War is outrageous.

Eldyraen134d ago

Skin tones especially look very flat. The game world has more polygons but other than that not much was really improved on a noticeable level. Not a fan of hair color change either.

Razzer134d ago

Yeah, I agree. I preferred the grungy ranger look to whatever this is supposed to be.

Jinger134d ago

The face just looks meaner and obviously the hair color change, but other than that I think SoW looks better.

Razzer134d ago

The new character design is horrid. I’m enjoying the gameplay, but I don’t get how they take a step back in graphics.

whiteblue134d ago

Maybe is because the game is bigger and more complex

Razzer134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Seems like they could have at least kept it on par with Shadow of Mordor. Plenty of large open world games out there that look a hell of a lot better than this.

LiamKreptic134d ago

Nah is is MS. Stop making up reasons like it’s “bigger.” Wither 3 is older, bigger, and way better looking

andrewsquall134d ago

That is not how it works. The last game was ALSO a cross gen game that had to be made for the last gen consoles. This game is free from that shackle. The character looked pretty much like that in the PS3 and 360 versions too. So what the hell happened?

Horizon Zero Dawn is a perfect example of a game that is far larger than any smaller level from the studio's previous work on the same console, like with Killzone Shadow Fall, and yet the visuals were turned up to 11, including added strain on the engine like dynamic day to night systems and the fact they added so much more tech due to being able to see the main character. Aloy's hair alone in Horizon Zero Dawn is stunning

If you think that The Last of Us Part II is going to have downgraded character models compared to Uncharted 4, you've got another thing coming.

UnHoly_One133d ago

Witcher 3 tops out at like 6 dudes on screen at once, too.

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sd11134d ago

I had a quick look but cant find it yet, anyway from memory when I was playing Shadow of mordor on the xbox it received a decent graphics update. It added reflections and other enhancements and was a pretty good bump in detail. Maybe the same will happen with Shadow of war, Hopefully they stripped the graphics back to ensure the game would run well at launch, with a future patch planned. Alternatively is it a bigger world with more happening that requires a downgrade. If not maybe they lost some of their talent, because Shadow of War looks far less impressive to me.

Der_Kommandant134d ago

I'm really disappointed at the graphics, i started playing it and i couldn't believe how bad it looks!, a complete downgrade compared with Shadow of Mordor.

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