What If We Got a Legacy of Kain Movie Instead of a New Game?

The Legacy of Kain series is one filled with turmoil and upset. At least 13 games have been cancelled in the series and only 5 games have ever been fully released. The latest victim to the LoK curse was Nosgoth, a unique PvP online game where players battled in teams of four. While the latest game was cancelled last year, the community is still strong and a real convention was held this year where players met in person. So it’s clear the LoK community is still strong but perhaps Square Enix should be looking away from games now.

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CrimsonWing69340d ago

much rather have a game since it combines elements of a movie and an interactive experience, plus it isn't restricted to time restraints so we can get even a beefier narrative.

AizenSosuke340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Legacy of Kain on PS4 please.

FallenAngel1984340d ago

Square Enix doesn't seem all that interested in Eidos's classic franchises aside from Tomb Raider

Xenophon_York339d ago

Would like to see this game go back to its root. One game, full of story, mechanics and growth: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.

This game, still to this day invokes wonder and intrigue, in me.

Heck, maybe even include the classic top-down overhead vantage.

Either way if a game is made I hope a direction away from some of the muddled and mired sequels is taken.

(Oh, and let's avoid a movie unless it can get a proper Van Helsing-esque treatment.)

gangsta_red338d ago

100 % Agreed.

I've been asking for a remake, reboot, re-anything for Blood Omen.

A top down would be great, maybe in the same style as Divinity, Pillars of Eternity or even Diablo type look.

And we have to get the same type of voice actors that made Blood Omen so great and up the gore now that the graphics have gotten 200 times better over the years.

Xenophon_York338d ago

The voice acting—totally forgot how great it was. "Up the gore," though? I seem to recall slurping gallons of blood through five feet of empty air, or bloody corpses piled like hills. I think the game's carnage would naturally be enhanced just from being a current gen title. Not sure if upping that aspect would serve to make a authentic Blood Omen experience.

A remaster would be great but a true-to-form reboot first, please.

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