Destiny 2: Xur Location and Exotic Selection for Oct 13-15

GR - Xur is back with more exotic armor and an exotic weapon to offer Destiny 2 players. Read Game Rant's breakdown to find out where Xur is and which items are worth buying.

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Relientk77343d ago

The Fighting Lion grenade launcher is one of the worst, if not the worst, exotic in the game lol

Kiwi66343d ago

It looks kind of cool though

link2Dpast343d ago

Your freaking bugging. Have you even tried using it in PvP, easily the worst gun you could use😆

Tankbusta40342d ago

To be fair, A Lot of exotics aren't very good to use to in PVP

Tankbusta40342d ago

Was disappointed to see fighting lion...didn't have it so I bought it anyways. On a positive note I FINALLY got Sweet Business for my Titan today...which I have been hunting since the second week of the game!

DevilishSix342d ago

Garbage inventory, nothing to see here.