City Shrouded in Shadow for PS4 Gets 1080p Screenshots: Lesbian Protagonist Option, Ultraman Aplenty

Bandai Namco and Granzella reveal more Ultraman characters for City Shrouded in Shadow, alongside the ways you can customize your protagonist.

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AizenSosuke155d ago

Very nice, I'm very excited for this game.

155d ago
isarai155d ago

Really wish western devs would embrace silly ideas like this

Eonjay155d ago

I was sold when they announced Evangelion units and Angels.

monkey602155d ago

Every time I see the heading "City Shrouded in Shadow for PS4 Gets" I hope the following words are western release date. Please make it happen

FullmetalRoyale155d ago

Same here. It’s looks totally weird, and I’m into it!

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