Middle-earth: Shadow of War FOV mod has just been released

DSOGaming writes: "WSGF’s forum member, anteronoid, has released a FOV mod for Middle-earth: Shadow of War. This mod uses CheatEngine in order to increase/decrease the game’s FOV. Now since this is a single-player game, we believe it won’t get you into any trouble. Still, you will use it at your own risk."

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brich233281d ago

The fov in this game is really bad, def going to check this out.

Nitrowolf2281d ago

FOV is general for a lot of games are bad, especially on console since for reasons developes dont including the options to change it. I do wish FOV dslider was a defualt setting in games

cartoonx1280d ago

because increasing FOV on console can cause huge performance drop depending on scene. by limiting FOV dev can pack more stuff in the same scene and still good for performance.

ONESHOTV2280d ago

good job guys this is what it means to be a PC gamer