Evil Within 2 Doesn't Ship With PS4 Pro Support, Still Listed As Xbox One X Enhanced

The Evil Within 2 is unfortunately another major game that doesn't offer support for the PS4 Pro.

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TheKingKratos157d ago

I will wait and see what DF say about this before i make a decision.

moegooner88157d ago

So far only this video, but looks promising. Looking into getting it it today.

OMGitzThatGuy157d ago

They said there were no enhancements lol they video is already out. Same res, same assets.

TheKingKratos157d ago

Then i will not buy it till they add support

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uRaDecepticon156d ago

So the PRO doesn't enhance games automatically? Just a little? I'm confused...

Obscure_Observer154d ago


"They said there were no enhancements lol they video is already out. Same res, same assets."

I wonder how Sony are letting third party studios to violate strickly rules and policies regarding support for the PS4 Pro? They said it´s mandatory that every game released for the PS4 after november 2016 should have an enhanced version for the PS4 Pro. Smdh.

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Gamist2dot0156d ago

I wouldn't worry since it's from an Xbox site, not from the official dev site.

OMGitzThatGuy156d ago

Analysis is from Digital Foundry.

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Neonridr157d ago

Well this is a little disappointing. Still have the game coming today, but I had no clue. I just assumed that it would have Pro support. Here's hoping the Pro gets a patch in a month when the One X version launches.

D3TH_D33LR157d ago

It'll get a patch for sure. Probably just delayed for one X "reasons"