Evil Within 2 Doesn't Ship With PS4 Pro Support, Still Listed As Xbox One X Enhanced

The Evil Within 2 is unfortunately another major game that doesn't offer support for the PS4 Pro.

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TheKingKratos38d ago

I will wait and see what DF say about this before i make a decision.

moegooner8838d ago

So far only this video, but looks promising. Looking into getting it it today.

OMGitzThatGuy38d ago

They said there were no enhancements lol they video is already out. Same res, same assets.

TheKingKratos38d ago

Then i will not buy it till they add support

38d ago
uRaDecepticon37d ago

So the PRO doesn't enhance games automatically? Just a little? I'm confused...

Obscure_Observer35d ago


"They said there were no enhancements lol they video is already out. Same res, same assets."

I wonder how Sony are letting third party studios to violate strickly rules and policies regarding support for the PS4 Pro? They said it´s mandatory that every game released for the PS4 after november 2016 should have an enhanced version for the PS4 Pro. Smdh.

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blackout38d ago ShowReplies(1)
Gamist2dot038d ago

I wouldn't worry since it's from an Xbox site, not from the official dev site.

OMGitzThatGuy37d ago

Analysis is from Digital Foundry.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Sony needs to put their foot down on PS4 PRO support.

moldybread38d ago

It's up to developers and even their own 1st and 2nd party games don't all have Pro support.

Obscure_Observer35d ago


"It's up to developers and even their own 1st and 2nd party games don't all have Pro support."

Not in this case its not. Devs are free to choose how they will utilize the Pro´s resources and power for their games, but that´s all about it. PS4 Pro support for all PS4 games are mandatory! Sony has been dropping the ball since the Pro release and that´s is not the first time that a game sees not PS4 Pro support at all.

thekhurg38d ago

It’s bethesda. They have deals with Microsoft on these types of things. They won’t or can’t support Sony until they can support Microsoft too.

38d ago
ocelot0738d ago

Don't think that's the case. Microsoft had a deal with Bethesda for Fallout 4 marketing. Yet that got a Pro patch in February this year.

BlackTar18738d ago

Bethesda and MS are tied together. They always have been since 360.

For whatever reason Bethesda loves to provide xbox more support which made sense last gen but didn't make any sense this Gen.

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XStation4pio_Pro38d ago

We agree here fo sure. HZD and UC4 (among others) showed us how much games can be dialed up on the Pro and they are amazing and better than on base hardware. I personally have been a bit disappointed with the amount of titles getting proper Pro support as of late, and some of the enhanced titles seem to skimp a bit on the Pro versions.

vegasgamerdawg38d ago

I think the Xbox one X launch will also help Ps4 pro support. Call me a weirdo, but call me unbiased. It will open another market for developers and more importantly, money wise, publishers.

Father__Merrin38d ago

No they shouldn't unlike Microsofts Xbox one the PS4 isn't a failing console. The pro isn't the main console for Sony.

For Microsoft the Xbox one clearly isn't thier main console as for nearly a year all were hearing is the X1 Scorpio, it's unbelievable tht the X1 is now almost ditched and fanboys accept that and are willing to pay £450 just to side with thier favourite console manufacturer who's main games are now also on PC

MrEnglish37d ago

Failing console?

25-35 million consoles isn't failing. Business obviously isn't a strong point of yours. Then you throw around "Fanboys" after being one yourself with you utterly stupid "Failing" remark.

Xbox One hasn't failed.... the PS4 has just been extremely successful. Rocket science this is not.

McGlinchey1237d ago

Somy really should enforce games to have performance/resolution options as standard on all games for pro to kick all these lazy developers up their arse

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Woolly_38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

that is strange, for a newly released title as well.. O_o

on a side note: the game performs a lot better than the original though. Stable 30fps.

DanteVFenris66638d ago

We had 60 fps in the early 2000’s just like that some games will sacrifice frames for something else. Doing frames twice as fast literally means you need a twice as powerful computer. I’d rather them max other things than frames

Neonridr38d ago

@DanteVFenris666 - 60fps is not a lot to ask of in this day and age. I am just surprised that this game is only 30fps (with reports of frame dips). I am even more surprised that there is no Pro support.

Woolly_38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

well, if you compare it to the performance of the first game, which ran in the 20s. . .

You would appreciate the latest outing lol.

Neonridr38d ago

@Woolly - I slogged through the first one, so seeing at least that I get a solid 30fps (with my Pro) that is something. Just a little disappointed that there are no Pro enhancements.

I am still super eager to give it a go. My copy is out for delivery today.

kevnb38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@DanteVFenris666 we had 60 fps in the 80s... it started going away when consoles started having 3d game engines... came back for ps2 and then went away again in the 360/ps3 gen.

Lennoxb6338d ago

Please stop bringing this up. Framerate hasn't been a priority for about 3 or 4 gens.

Father__Merrin38d ago

I'd have to disagree the 60fps you talk about would need beefier cpu inside current consoles. I don't think at thier launch 2013 they could have afforded to chuck in a i5 4590 equivalent if you know what I mean

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Neonridr38d ago

Well this is a little disappointing. Still have the game coming today, but I had no clue. I just assumed that it would have Pro support. Here's hoping the Pro gets a patch in a month when the One X version launches.

D3TH_D33LR38d ago

It'll get a patch for sure. Probably just delayed for one X "reasons"