The Secret Of Mana Remake Is A Game No One Wanted

The Video Game Remake No One Wanted

Originally released in 1993, Secret of Mana was the most popular game in Japan that year, and would later become one of the best SNES role playing games of all time. It would win Best Role playing Game for 1993, and received virtually universal acclaim for its graphics, multiplayer and musical achievements.

Now in 2017, news has hit the gaming world that Square Enix is working on remaking the popular Japanese role playing game. We've seen updated graphics with what's been teased thus far, and most of all, 3D gameplay!

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FallenAngel1984427d ago

Final Fantasy Adventure got two remakes. After the second remake got released last year, it was only inevitable that later installments in this series would also get remade using the same engine

woodtock427d ago

The thing is people can always play the original secret of mana. It would be better to make a sequel instead.

426d ago
sk8ofmnd426d ago

Yup so glad it came on the snes classic 😊

FallenAngel1984427d ago

Most people can always play the original version of any game. That doesn't mean a remake of any game doesn't need to happen ever.

There's no reason to single Secret of Mana out apart from every other remake in this industry.

woodtock427d ago

If they are going to do a remake,then the secret of mana should add some new game mechanics. Otherwise there really is no point.

FallenAngel1984427d ago

You say that like you've seen the entire package already. Pretty premature to be saying nothing new was added when you haven't even gotten your hands on the final version to see for yourself.

At the end of the day it'd be pretty ignorant to assume that Square Enix wouldn't add something new in this rerelease when they've always done so in their past rereleases, especially for the Mana series

sk8ofmnd426d ago

Ikr? People have been asking for a legend of dragoon remake and or new game since... Forever

PhoenixUp426d ago

"With third-dimensional graphics, the nostalgic qualities, and thus the better part of the feeling, is lost."

The author really loses a lot of his/her credibility with that statement when classic 2D games like Final Fantasy Adventure, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Wild Arms, Metroid 2, Dragon Quest VII, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Tales of Hearts, Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, & Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories successfully made the transition into 3D visuals with their respective essence intact when they got remade. I bet the author didn't make any articles or complaints about those remakes.

Nothing about this Secret of Mana remake indicates that it can't follow suit with those various examples. Square Enix themselves are no strangers to remaking a 2D game into 3D as they've done so various times in the past, so there's really no reason to doubt they can't do so again with this upcoming title.

InMyOpinion426d ago

The problem lies in that the remake looks piss poor...

Wotbot426d ago

Agreed, SOM at the time looked great, this does not inspire me to want to play it.

Xerneas426d ago

Yeah, it looks like a 3DS game.

The 10th Rider426d ago

I agree, I'd be all for this if it used any one of many various other artstyles. Even something like Octopath Traveler would be amazing for remakes of classic RPGs.

gangsta_red425d ago

Definitely agree, I remember commenting that the change to 3D lost a lot of it's charm the original had.

A sequel would have been much better.

Would rather Square develop a remake of Vagrant Story or Parasite Eve.

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Xenophon_York426d ago

Somehow I missed this gem during its original reign in the spotlight. Am super excited to give the remake a try (and maybe the classic—pending acquisition of Super Nintendo Classic).

FinalFantasyFanatic426d ago

I'm in the same boat, it's one of those games I missed because I was probably too young at the time.

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