New PlayStation VR Model CUH-ZVR2 Showcased in New Videos; New Trailer Shows the Games

New Videos from Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia show the new PlayStation VR model in action, alongside quite a few games.

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DivineAssault 134d ago

This is screwed up for people who originally invested in the original.. Its only been a year

Eidolon134d ago

How are they being screwed? Can you list the differences that are screwing the early adopters? I remember it being some changes to the pass-through or something and connections.

DivineAssault 134d ago

less of a mess with those wires and finding the buttons when having the headset on.. Its a bit cumbersome. I could understand if it were a few years later being updated but 1 year is too soon.. Especially since only 3 good games are around for it. The rest was shovelware.

Apocalypse Shadow134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

"Especially since only 3 good games are around for it"

**Subjective and untrue opinion**

And no, I don't feel ripped off by this release as I don't own a 4K TV or need one even if I can afford it. Everything else is minor updates. If it had HDR in the headset, then I might feel slighted. It doesn't. I don't.

Eidolon134d ago

Seems like stuff they could have just designed better from the start. :(.

MrFisher21134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I agree. They could have easily left the wires alone and just updated the hdmi ports. Making it easy to exchange. Did they really think that the early adapters werent the ones that own 4k tvs and more than likely bought the pro with 1 thing in mind. Just because it doesn't affect you makes no reason to downplay the fact. It was a HUGE over sight. A problem. This isn't an updated device. It is a Fixed one. And I want my broken model replaced.

Aenea134d ago

I agree that it wasn't their best idea to not support HDR AND now make a newer one that does but you can't just replace the external box, but it's still an updated device, it was never broken. Broken implies that it doesn't do what it's supposed to do and that is not the case...

Aenea134d ago

This is just like a Slim model of a console after a while. I don't really feel screwed here...

Eidolon134d ago

Slim is a result of improved cooling and technological advancements like lithography. This is not nearly as complicated, just a better design.. nothing limited by what was technologically available, at least not the features the early adopters would complain about.

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Xenophon_York134d ago

Thinking hard about grabbing this...

81BX134d ago

I was too but I'll wait another year for the next version and a built up library.

Xenophon_York134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

That's what I told myself around a year ago. But, I did some research yesterday and realized there are a good amount of great titles that built-up secretly.

The List:

Gran Turismo Sport
Skyrim VR
Werewolf Within
Resident Evil VII 🤚
Star Trek Bridge Crew
100ft Robot Golf
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
Robinson: The Journey

Voltron: VR Chronicles (just because)

81BX134d ago

I agree it's got plenty of titles but I guess I'm looking for something more. Idk it feels like it's just taking off. That mech game looked cool though

Venox2008134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Please have a many upcoming PSVR games ..this list is a proof (With many I heard for a first time as this is the newest list up to date) that PSVR is growing and here to stay (no matter what haters say)..happy gaming!

Xenophon_York134d ago

Kind of gives me chills thinking one day this could be looked back on as when all those Neo-Tokyo, Akira/Ghost in the Shell stories actually started becoming true.

PlayableGamez-134d ago

VR is dead.
HDR and TRUE 4k are the future.
Bring on the Xbox One X

hamzilla134d ago

Xbox is dead if they don't make a actual exclusive game worthy of buying this overpriced unit to play it on. I'll enjoy my PSVR with Battlefront 2 and Resident Evil 7 along with others you can enjoy your limited Xbox Done games and 360 stuff on your new overpriced box X

Xenophon_York134d ago

Yeah, sure, it's dead—on XBOX. Explain to us why Sony invested in a new and improved PSVR model—and why Bethesda dedicated resources to bringing Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Doom to VR for PS4.

Whatever lies ahead for PSVR and VR in general, I won't speculate—but as of today it's alive and well.

Einhander1971134d ago

That's the down side of buying tech straight away, I expected this to happen that's why I didn't bother. I expect Nintendo to do the same with switch, then I will be pissed off because I have the older unit.