Why I Play Games: Silent Hill

William Kirk at GameCloud writes: "Horror as a form entertainment is a fascinating and bizarre construct. First of all, it’s likely going to be something you either love or hate. There isn’t often a middle ground when it comes to the genre – especially in games, given the interactive and participatory nature of the medium. However, for those of us who love it, why exactly do we enjoy artificially inducing feelings of fear, shock, and disgust? It sounds like a terrible idea, and yet it’s an activity that millions of people around the world indulge in every day, whether that be through film, television, books, and, of course, video games. As an insatiable fan of horror myself, this is something I’d like to better understand about myself too, and to do this, I wanted to delve into one my favourite survival horror video game series, Silent Hill, and why exactly I enjoy it."

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