Top 10 Horror Games to Play on Friday the 13th

Atmosphere is key when it comes to ranking horror games. Through the aesthetics of explorable environments filled with shadowy figures in the darkness, this genre relies on intense, immersive game-play. Some games on this list unlock the demons of the inner psyche through imagery to reveal the true fear of man. Others exploit the adrenaline-fueled euphoria of surrendering ourselves to fear. All of these games highlight horrific scenarios and invite players to explore the true essence of fear itself.

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TheSuperior 221d ago

This is a nice fun and festive post. I really want to play Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th and I'm not really a horror guy x)

jreeves82220d ago

How can you not have Friday the 13th the game on Friday the 13th the day?

GamesMaster1982220d ago

That should of definitely been a trophy play Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th. But my Friday the 13th is a date with the Evil Within 2.