Mid-Sized Developers Argue That The Market Might Be Saturated with Games

"AA" developers like inXile's Brian Fargo and Hidden Path's Jeff Pobst suggested that the market is getting saturated with games, making it very hard for independent developers to even make a living.

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Jackhass345d ago

It can certainly be hard to sift through the chaff on Steam.

robtion345d ago

Yep. The market is absolutely oversaturated. So many great games go under the radar for the majority of gamers. Smaller games like HoB, Battle Chasers, Armello, Inside, Little Nightmares, and many others don't get played by as many people as they should given their quality.

Scar-344d ago

I feel like this is a media and community problem. Look at Demon Souls and Valkyria chronicles both those games under preformed at launch hell both had next to zero ads, yet they both found cult followings and birthed series by word of mouth. I think a good game is going to sale as long as it doesn't stray to far into niche category.

FallenAngel1984345d ago

When isn't the market saturated with games? 😑

Darkwatchman345d ago

....with the ease of digital distribution in the modern era and the industry making more money than it ever has, more and more people have had opportunities to make games than would have been possible last gen. The market is absolutely over saturated with releases. This gen is the first gen I have been legit overwhelmed with how many games are constantly coming out that I want. It's impossible to play it all

BigTrain344d ago

Totally agree. I've been gaming for awhile now and my backlog status has been insurmountable for at least 6 to 8 years. Steam alone Im 196 games deep. Thats not counting console. I laugh when people complain about no new games because Im seriously at a point where I should've stopped buying new ones at least 5 years ago.

Uken12345d ago

The market has been oversaturated with bad games and has been for years. I feel it began with the Wii Shovelware, and than Mobile Phone games (also pay to win). There are so many crap games that look alike it's crazy.

Great gameplay and great design will sell a game.

Sgt_Slaughter345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

It's been a thing ever since the 70's, not with the Wii. Unlicensed/regulated cartridges, shovel/freeware for DOS systems, bad movie games, PS2/Wii shovelware, Steam games, etc. It's a byproduct of a successful business.

Gh05t345d ago

So are you saying that you buy bad games and therefore can't buy good ones? Or are you saying everyone else is just too stupid to pick the good games and we all spend our money on bad games
Seriously the good games are not being overshadowed by garbage games, they are over shadowed by other good games. I've never seen anyone go gee I would have picked up Zelda but I was too busy playing the clicker game on my phone.

Uken12344d ago

Did you even read my comment?
I'm not saying anyone is stupid in any way. What I mean is that a lot of bad games/shovelware make it hard to navigate through to find good games. Unless one already knows about a good game.

Also one reason shovel ware is so successful is because parents buy games for their kids and aren't always well informed.

Another thing, I used the words "Great Games" not good games. There is a difference. On how gamings scoring system works a great game is around 8.5 or higher. A good game is a solid 7. Big difference.

How can you argue that the market isn't oversaturated with bad games? Most people on N4G like you and I are not the general gamer. They are more casual or like only specific types of games. They don't buy a lot of games like us. So the when searching for new games they are going to pick the first good game they find in a slew of pickings. Many of which are bad. It's just common sense.

And my last point is mostly true. "Great gameplay and great design will sell a game"
There are always gems that do not sell well.

Phil32345d ago

All of the platforms are overloaded with games. A good problem for gamers to have but not so much for smaller and middle devs struggling to get publicity and the word out on their games.

aaronaton345d ago

If you want your game to get noticed, you should consider doing a Xb1 exclusive. It'll be like giving a BigMac to an Ethiopian. Any old shite will suffice.

slate91345d ago

That joke was on its way to being good until the Ethiopian line. This isn't the 90s anymore. Time to stop lying about Africa.

Prince_TFK344d ago

Haha what a funny guy. You should be a comedian.

theXtReMe1345d ago

Hes absolutely right. The overflow of Indie games this gen has saturated the market and shortened the amount of time any one developer can make money on their games. If you look at Amazon over a months time, you get a good idea of what Im talking about. Where a game released at the beginning of the month for $60(or $48 for Prime members), will soon be discounted to $20-$40 or less. This makes it so that everybody down the line is making less money. Which not only hurts developers, but publishers and distributors as well as retailers. The only people making money in all of this is the console makers, as their royalties dont drop with game prices.

Its great for gamers, because if they dont have to be the first on the block to buy a game... you can get them for cheap. Though, its this kind of saturation that caused the original videogame crash of the 80s. So many games that noone has the time to play them all, only the biggest of studios can survive and it becomes difficult to find the great games out of the 100s or thousands of mediocre. There comes a point where gamers get tired of having to shuffle through the shovelware, just to find something decent to play and some will give up and find something else to do. I believe its the very reason that both Sony and Microsoft have cut back on the amount of Indie games they are allowing to be relased on their systems.

Gamers now are lucky to have so many online and paper publications to guide them in their search for the best of the best. In the 80s, people didnt have that luxury... which is what caused the crash. People would buy games, find they were crap and return them to the stores. After so many crap games, they just stopped buying. Which then caused the developers and publishers to close their doors.

Its cool that Indie studios exist, as it is because of them... innovation exists, as larger studios are afraid to take the risks. But, too much of any thing is never good. Its why console manufacturers need to pick and choose the best of the best and leave the scrap where it belongs. It keeps gamers from wasting money and getting frustrated.

Apocalypse Shadow345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Sony didn't cut back on Indies. They cut back on promotion of them because they already get those games in abundance. But they still displayed them at E3.

What Sony were saying is that PS4 is selling well, Pro is selling well, games are selling well, etc. So, it was time for them to concentrate on making PSVR sell well as it's a platform they want to succeed because it's new but still pricy.

But yes. As good as it is to have more games than less games, there are too many to sift through. I was looking through digital the other day on PS4 and saw stuff that I didn't know was even out.

iDadio345d ago

It just sounds like whining, if your game is good it will get recognised one way or another. It's like they make the connection that less games is less competition so we can make more money but that's not how it works unfortunately we all want the money's.

chaos-emeralds345d ago

Not on Xbox one, but that's kinda a good thing for developers. Just look at how much cuphead took in in it first week.

Seraphim345d ago

cuphead is the rare exception. That one in one hundred that appeals to a wide audience and is something people actually want and care about.

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