Project Cars 2 Patch 2.0 improves driving line assist

Project Cars 2 Patch 2.0 is out now and makes some key improvements

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dangerousbrian0220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

I am hoping this update improves the races in career mode with snowy tracks & cars not having any grip in a straight line on snow tyres on both Xbox One & PS4.Well the PS4 update is nearly 6.7GB the Xbox One update has not been released yet I will post another comment when it does get released.

chris235220d ago

how does this game differ from the first one? just new cars? i can't find a reason why this should be purchased other than it making easy money for the devs?

nix220d ago

even i held out from buying this game. first one was to help the devs but their suicidal AI pretty much killed my eagerness to buy the second one. I played the GT Sports recently and i felt so at peace racing in that game. lol.

mcstorm220d ago

I think PC2 should of had a demo. I was like you with the 1st and for me felt burned with PC and put me off PC2 but like to give it a try before I buy.

Liqu1d220d ago

It actually works this time. First game was practically a beta.

BenRC01220d ago

Soulless vapid and joyless is how is describe this game. Get f7 or gts

InTheZoneAC220d ago

Heard physics in f7 were not so good

Elit3Nick220d ago

Physics are great, given they're not intended to be full-sim like AC or iRacing, but they're a noticeable step up from FM6.