The Evil Within 2 Review – A Diluted Concoction | Game Informer

The Evil Within 2 breaks some new ground for the series, but doesn't find its own identity.

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opinionated135d ago

Sounds solid and I liked the review. I don’t care if they rip off bioshock, that’s my favorite game and hearing the comparison gets me hyped. I agree with the “horror purists welcome crappy controls” stuff as well, I will definitely dump my points into aim early. If you’re going to be a shooter then be a shooter. Games like dead space or re4 didn’t need crappy controls to create a sense of tension. It’s even worse when the ammo is so important in a game like EW.

NapalmSanctuary135d ago

The crappy controls bit is quite overstated. RE1-3 get accused of crappy controls all the time but the truth is some motherfuckers just don't know how to play video games and don't have the patience to learn.

opinionated134d ago

They wernt bad at the time. Re4 has crappy controls by today’s standards but it was the shit back in the day. My point is that the bullet went where the laser dot was. I can’t be bothered to learn tank controls again to play some of my old favorites lol.

The article says the aim is way off until you invest in aim, that’s not something you learn, it’s something you have to invest in. He forgot how to shoot since the last game lol?

NapalmSanctuary133d ago

"He forgot how to shoot since the last game lol"

Considering the source of the article, its very possible, but maybe not... who knows.


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