11 great games you've probably missed in 2017 and can play for under $20/£20

As gamers hurtle towards the busiest period of the gaming year, when you’ve literally got Super Mario Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Wolfenstein 2 coming out on the same day, we wouldn’t blame your wallet if it was crying in a corner somewhere at the thought of all that money. But, thankfully, there’s another way to get a load of new games without totally breaking the bank.

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Oninioh340d ago

Hollow knight is astonishingly underrated. It is easily the best game this year and the best 2d game I've ever played...and I'm an 80's kid.

TallonIV340d ago

Watched my friend play it on PC and it looked fantastic, although I'm personally waiting for the Switch version.

oIITSBIIo340d ago

It was the best game of this year for me but it's now #2
the best game is Divinity OS2 for me so far.

Lon3wolf340d ago

11 games you may of missed - Cuphead lol

PhoenixUp340d ago

Sonic Mania is the best $20 I've spent this year

Hylian10340d ago

Is Hollow Knight coming to Switch ? I need to play this game.