9 Pieces of Gaming Merchandise That Really, Really Need To Exist

Chris at GameSpew: "It used to be that if you wanted to show your blind, unthinking allegiance to a game then you’d buy the baseball cap.

Or, if you were lucky, you’d be able to pick up a set of pin-badges that you’d never wear and end up selling on eBay for marginally more than you paid for them. But no longer. Now that gaming is officially Big Business (TM) you can sate your cravings for tat with all manner of ridiculous merchandise. Buy the Destiny 2 bathrobe. Wear the DOOM socks. Sniff the officially licensed Hellblade candle. SNIFF THE CANDLE!

But why stop there? Thanks to SpewCo Incorporated Company Ltd, our newly founded startup, there’s a whole range of products that are guaranteed (NOTE: not actually guaranteed) to do justice to your favourite gaming properties."

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